10 Best Work from Home Jobs That You Can Start Today

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There’s never been a greater time to be alive. Who could have imagined a 20 years ago, that it was possible to work from home for an employer hundreds of miles away, and who you’ve never probably even met? I say 20 years ago because I myself started making money with online affiliate marketing in 2005.

Thanks to the internet, there are no shortages of such opportunities or jobs. It would take an entire book to be able to list all the ways you can make money working from home. 

Why Work From Home Jobs are Hot Right Now

Everyone has a different reason why they prefer working from their homes, but the most obvious ones would be for a better work-life balance and the greater flexibility that comes with it. People who work remotely have the ability to structure their day-to-day work which makes them more productive. Anyway, here are some of the best work from home jobs you can start right away.

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Online Work from Home Jobs:

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writers write content for their clients for a fee. These could be in the form of magazine articles, blog articles, ebooks, paperbacks, sales copy, press releases, white papers, email marketing, and other content – online or offline.

A freelance writing job doesn’t require you to meet face to face with your clients. There are online job boards that you can go to search for suitable writing jobs. Once hired, you may go over the requirements with clients over the phone or through emails. You could also send cold pitches to editors and those tasked with hiring writers for their organization.

Freelance writing can be very profitable if you have a flair for the written word. Experts recommend you pick a niche as generalist writers do not get paid as much as specialists.

On average, freelancer writer earns $61,820 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That comes to about $30 per hour.


Teach English online jobs

As a native English speaker, you can make money teaching how to read and write in English to non-natives. It helps if you have a degree or studying for one. The teaching can be done from the comfort of your home: the classes are held online. All you require is a quiet place, a stable internet connection, a laptop, or a desktop computer with a webcam and applicable software.

But you first have to apply and register with companies that provide the teaching services. Chinese students will make up the majority of your students. You can work one-on-one with a single student or with a small group. The best part is that the job allows you location freedom and the flexibility to set your schedules together with your students.

Companies like VIP Kid and Magic Ears are online tutoring services you may want to check out.

Teaching English online can pay you up to $14 – $23 per hour, depending on the hiring company. That’s not too bad, prof.



A transcriptionist converts recorded voice messages into written format. The recordings could be legal, medical, or other vital information that needs to be stored and distributed in printed form.

A transcriptionist must possess fast and accurate typing skills, attentiveness, and a good command of the subject language. They usually transcribe interviews, reports, minutes of meetings, teleconferences, speeches and phone conversations to readable text.

As a transcriptionist, your income depends on who you work for, your speed, and your skill level. You can earn up to $25 – $30 per hour, and this amount goes up if you specialize in more technical fields like medical or legal transcription.


Data Entry operator

A data entry operator or clerk is saddled with the responsibility of collecting, managing and entering data into computer databases. They organize data in such a way as to make it easy to retrieve information at any time.

Some of their numerous activities include:

  • Transfer data from text into a database
  • Inputting data from customers directly into the database
  • Handle large amounts of data on spreadsheets
  • Verify Data
  • Retrieve data
  • Prepare reports
  • Regular backup data
  • Sort, organize and store paperwork after entering data

As a data entry operator, you should be blazing fast and accurate on the keyboard. You should also be able to interpret and make sense of multiple sources of data. A superb grasp of word processing tools and spreadsheets is a must.

You don’t need a degree to start working as a data entry operator. You can place your resumes on job boards and freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer.com or Fiverr to get hired.

Although a data entry job won’t make you a millionaire, it’s a neat way to make money from home. You can earn up to $15 per hour, entering data from home.


Content editor

Your job as a content editor is to edit and proofread content to be published online or offline. You’ll check for grammatical errors, flow, and general style. You’ll also make sure the material is in line with the expectations of your employer. You’ll supervise or work with a team of writers, web designers, graphic artists, and marketers to create content that adds to the overall positive experience of your employer’s target audience.

You’ll require a good knowledge of SEO, content marketing, writing, editing, and communication. You must also understand the special considerations in the creation of content for the web and the different formats these contents could be accessed.

For content editors, a degree in mass communications, journalism, or related field ould be an added advantage. You could seek out jobs from online job curation platforms as well as market your services directly to website owners.

On the average, freelance editors make about $22.57 per hour


Remote product tester

Product testers test, appraise and give their feedback on new products before it hits the market. They are an invaluable part of the process of getting new ideas and products launched into the market.

The best part of product testing is that you get to try what you love and get paid for it! Imagine drinking beer for a living. You even get to keep the tested product. Some companies may consider the item enough payment for your services. While others will pay you and still let you keep the product.

Product testing is something you can do from home. Your employer will try to match you with the demographic they are targeting with the new product. For instance, if you are into fashion, you may get a job testing a new perfume.

You can apply for product testing jobs online, and once selected, your employer will send you the product to be tested. You’ll write your honesty review afterward.

The average income for product testers is $26,080 yearly. Which is very much OK for a job you can do from home while still in your PJs.


Music reviewer

A music reviewer writes critical reviews of newly released music and interviews artiste, performers, and others. Therefore, if you seek to make a career as a music critic, you need to be a skilled interviewer, communicator, and writer. You must also be well versed in the technical aspects of music.

Your writing serves to inform and educate music lovers on which music and artists are worth listening to. You’ll write reviews based on information gathered from interviews, concerts, listening to songs, and opinions. Your article will be a mix of facts and your personal objective evaluation of the song or artist.

Getting started as an independent music reviewer can be challenging. You’ll have to gradually build up a portfolio, send out your pitches, and deal with rejections from publications. However, with persistence and skills, once you have become established, it could be a rewarding source of income. Tons of new music are being released, and new talents discovered daily.

As an independent or freelance music reviewer, your writing can be sold to blogs, music websites, and other online publications. The opportunities are limitless for a freelance music reviewer. You can be paid per word or a fixed rate for an article. Freelance music critics can expect to earn $1000 to $2000 monthly.

Other Flexible Work From Home Jobs to Consider:

In-person Tutoring Jobs from Home

In-person tutors provide in-depth lessons to students than the traditional classroom structure. They help students who have difficulties with a particular subject, individuals preparing for a standardized exam like the SAT or ACT, or those who want to get ahead in class.

You can make some money tutoring if you are skilled in a subject and have the desire and ability to transfer knowledge to others. Some hiring companies may require you to have a degree in the discipline you want to teach or be a certified teacher. Some will only hire those with a graduate degree.

Also, you must have excellent listening and communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills.

You can work for test preparation, national tutoring or an online tutoring company. Or you can decide to run your own show. While being in business by yourself will allow you to set your fees and hours, you’ll have to contend with the hassles of promoting it. National tutoring companies pay a set fee and their schedule and hours may not be flexible. Online tutoring services will give you some flexibility regarding the hours you work and schedule.

Expect to make anywhere from $15 to $95 as an in-person tutor.


Babysitting jobs

Babysitters take care of children for parents who are unavoidably absent. Babysitting isn’t the sole preserve of high school, and college students on break – adults and stay-at-home parents looking for extra income can also get a job taking care of kids.

To position yourself for a babysitting job, know how to handle common emergencies. Parents will be more comfortable leaving you alone with their precious charge if you know basic safety and first aid. This includes knowing how to handle a choking child, falls and head bruises, cuts, an intruder, a child running out, fire any other crisis.

Learn how to keep the children in check, what to do if a child refuses to eat, throw tantrums, or fight with a sibling? Study child behavior and psychology to understand young children and manage them better. You may also intern in a nursery school or daycare.

Some job sites list babysitting jobs. You can also spread the word around your network that you are available for a babysitting job.

Expect to earn an average of$15.71 an hour, babysitting a child, according to data from childcare websiteUrbanSitter. An additional child raises the pay to about $18, as reported by the site.


Dog sitting/daycare from home

Much like humans, dogs also need care and attention. Unfortunately, the demands of modern living make it impossible for many dog lovers to give full attention to the needs of their furry friends. And busy people keep their dogs locked up all day- the last thing a dog needs. Lack of exercise makes dogs unhealthy and could cause them to wreak havoc in homes. This presents a money-making opportunity for folks who love dogs and have a large compound where they can run around. If that is you, then consider starting a daycare for dogs.

Dog daycares take care of dogs till owners pick them up after work or school. The environment is typically a safe and secure space where dogs can roam free and interact with other dogs under supervision.

This is a fabulous way to make money from home. It’s not as stressful as dog walking or overnight boarding for dogs whose owners come home very late. Pick up and drop off times are 7-8 am and 5-6 pm.

To get started, you can approach dog owners in your neighborhood and distribute flyers. You can also register with rover.com – a website that connects you with dog owners looking for dogsitters.

The pay varies depending on the size/breed of the dogs and their needs. But expect to earn $20 to $35 a day for each pooch.



As technology keeps advancing at a rapid pace, the world is going to get more connected. Which means more opportunities to work from wherever you wish. If you long for the day you’ll leave your 9 to 5 with the hassles of daily commute behind, now is the time to look for legit work from home job opportunities either online or around your neighborhood. Take an inventory of your skills, pick a job most suited to you, bring yourself up to speed, and dive right in.

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