23 Money Making Apps That Pay Real Cash

Best Money making Apps

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? According to this study, the average American will spend four to five hours a day on their mobile phone. Millennials spend most of their time on social media or texting while baby boomers prefer using emails. Perhaps there is more to gain from scrolling through your phone. Some have become overnight millionaires by only utilizing revolutionary apps. Excitingly, I’d like to run you through a list of the best money making apps that elucidate your excitement for getting to work and make money.

With the will to work, these apps can help you make some extra buck to support your primary source of income and who knows it may even lead to a full-time gig.

Here and now, let’s embark on this exciting journey of making money through these unique apps to earn some good bucks and other rewards like gift cards and others.

23 of the best money making apps

Here Are Some of the Best Money Making Apps That Pay:


swag bucksSome apps will earn you cashback in terms of money when you take surveys, watch videos, go shopping, or play games. Swagbucks, on the other hand, will pay you in terms of gift cards. You can redeem your accumulated point for gift cards that you can spend in retail outlets like Walmart and Amazon. Swagbucks is truly one of the most popular and one of the best money making apps available out there.

Swagbucks can also earn you some cashback only if you shop online from their preferred retail outlets.

What an amazing way to reward their loyal clients! With Swagbucks, you stand a great chance to earn free gift cards from other places such as Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and others by just taking part in some simple tasks as indicated on their official site. With over 6000 daily gift cards and available to be taken by members, if you’re lucky, you can get one gift card at least every other week.

Swagbucks never run short of ways to rewards members. It is one of the best Apps that pay their survey takers. Earning points by watching movies previews, participating in paid online surveys and other activities guarantee constant accumulation of points.


opinion outpostOpinion Outpost is quite an interesting and rewarding app to get great rewards for every invested time and energy. Earning great points each time you participate and complete a task. There is no hassle converting earned points to cash to enrich your pocket for other purchases.

Another great plus for this app is the option of cashing out converted points using the PayPal option. Imagine, you won’t have to wait until you earn thousands of points before cashing out. Do you know that you can cash out as low as just 100 points for $10? One little snag about Opinion Outpost is that I found out that I like other people may not qualify to take part in some of the surveys. Never let this weigh you down, check-in or daily updates, you will surely get surveys that you are qualified to participate in. Each time you participate in their organized activities, you’d surely be rewarded.


ebatesEbates is different from other money-making apps, but that should not discourage you.

What an amazing and awesome place to be if you care to earn cashback. You get a cashback equivalent to your valued rewards. No wonder, thousands of people never toy with shopping at Ebates. Understandably, you too will like to join the herd of winners getting cool cash for less effort. With this app, you can receive cashback coupons and other promotion options.

Regardless of what app you’re using, you have to put some effort to make money. For example, you will have to spend money on Ebates to make money. Quite a catch, but a worthy one for an online shopaholic. Download Ebates and search for promo codes, rewards, and coupons for your chance to earn some cashback on your shopping. The app also comes with push notifications on sales and new deals.


mypointsAnother rewards app is MyPoints which has remained great since its inception in 1996, where shoppers accumulate points and earn rewards from shopping online.

MyPoints offers users a great opportunity to amass points by participating in different tasks. Bravo! You can exchange the accumulated points for prizes or cash. Interestingly, your points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or many other retail and restaurant partners.

There are over 75 retail shops and restaurants that have partnered with MyPoints. If you shop online a lot, consider downloading MyPoints and start accumulating those points.



This app puts money in your pocket pretty fast. It makes earning money from your groceries possible and fast. It is a very exciting app where you can unlock cash rewards on many great products by completing some tasks on the IBOTTA app. When you buy the products at the groceries, you get a cashback when you upload your receipt.


worthy bondsI yearn for the Worthy Bonds app because of its fixed earning rate of 5% on every #10 bond invested. No wonder the name! You are at liberty to buy as many bonds as you’d desire, there is no bar. Then? Just relax and watch as you amass weekly interest. Great investment, amazing rewards! The bonds have a holding term of 36 months. There is no penalty if you decide to cash out at any time.


book scouterDo you know that rather than heaping up a lot of unneeded school books and making a mess of your home you can sell them off at Bookscouter? You can get a good bargain at in return. This is made possible by getting the best offer for your old school books from old book vendors.

Bookshops are not the only places people can buy books, especially since their prices can be a little over the top for new books.
Some of the time you spend scrolling through social media sites can be spent looking for used books and textbooks online.

Download the app, take a picture of the book’s ISBN to estimate how much the book is worth, and use this estimate to list the book on other retail sites like Amazon. Bookscouter also enables you to sell and ship the books through their platform.


Google Opinion RewardsGoogle opinion rewards allow you to get online surveys at least once a week. For every survey you participated in, you are rewarded which you can redeem in the Google App store. The surveys are usually short and easy like short reviews, ratings, and other easy tasks.


snapwire best money making appsSnapwire is a photography app. It is an app where you can get paid when you showcase your great photos to several buyers across the world. If someone shows interest and buys your photo, you get paid for it.


mobeeHey, do you know you can get good rewards on Mobee by accruing points which when you become a secret shopper? The app will allow you to see and pick a business on it. There are a variety of retailers and restaurants to complete missions. Each completed mission earns you some points, which you can redeem for gift cards or swag.


offerupOffer Up is one of the simple apps to sell off your unneeded items. You can list out the items you want to dispose of the app. It is basically a local app where sales of larger items like furniture, baby stuff, electronics, clothes, shoes, and other stuff are possible. You can also buy stuff on this app at really cheap prices.

Task Rabbit

task rabbitIf you do not mind getting out of the house and doing some menial tasks or running errands for cash, then Task Rabbit might help you get these jobs.

Some of the tasks listed include cleaning, mounting and installation, packing and moving, doing some heavy lifting, and general handyman tasks, among others.

If any of the above sounds like a job you can do, download Task Rabbit, register as a tasker, and you will be notified of jobs. You still get to choose the job you want to do, chat with the client for confirmation, and submit your invoice when the job is done.


slidejoyThis is an app that offers you a little extra money for doing something close to nothing. Slidejoy pays you for just having trending news and ads posted on your phone’s lock screen. Nothing more than that! You have some cash for the little effort.


moneyappThe Money App is a market research app where one can earn rewards by completing small tasks like doing mystery shopping, playing games, taking free trials, offering your opinion, checking out displays on stores, and testing services.

Once you have downloaded the app, complete tasks, and you will earn rewards. You can then redeem your rewards for cash, which will be paid to your PayPal account.


foapAre you spending your time going over the pictures you take using your smartphone? Well, there is no need to delete them if you believe they are worth being out there in the world. Download Foap and start selling your photos.

Foap makes it possible for both professional and amateur photographers to sell their photos to marketing, brand, and advertising agencies. Foap has over 2.5-million photographers from around the world listed and is a tap away from earning you some extra dollars.

Download the app, open an account, and upload your photos with tags; ensure they are of high-quality. The rest of the community will rate your photos, and the more ratings you get, the more visible your photos are to the community. Every photo you sell will make you $5, and some sales will earn you up to $100.


paribusHave you ever shopped and the next day you see an advert that the store is offering discounts? There was a time that that money was as good as gone. However, Paribus swooped in to save us money in such situations.

For a frequent online shopper, Paribus is the app you need to download. It will keep tabs on price changes on your behalf, let you know when there is a price adjustment on the item you purchased, and even help you get your money back!

Additionally, Paribus will track any of your shipments from select retail stores, and get you compensation for any late deliveries.
Paribus tracks prices of over 25 major retailers, including Target, Amazon, Walmart, Gap, and Macy’s, among others.


app trailersWon’t you feel cool making money while entertaining yourself with some mobile videos? APP Trailers makes it easy for you to entertain yourself and still make some money for doing so. You earn points which you can turn in for gift cards for Nordstrom, Amazon, Macy’s and others.

Surveys on the Go

surveys on the go best money making appsYour opinion matters, and it can make you some money. Surveys on the go are one of the apps that care about your opinion and will pay you 50-cents to a dollar per survey. One is usually invited to take at least one or two surveys in a week, and when you accumulate up to $10, you will automatically receive the money in your PayPal account.


kangoAre you a stay-at-home parent? Your daily trip dropping the kids to and from school can earn you some extra bucks for gas, servicing the car, among others. Kango is a ride-hailing service like Uber and Lyft, only that you will be driving kids and not adults. As a Kango driver, you can drive other people’s kids to school, daycare, tuition, soccer practices, among other places.

Fluid Truck

fluid truckWhile Uber, Lyft, and Kango apps let you drive your car, Fluid Truck, on the other hand, enables you to rent out your pickup truck, cargo van, SUV, or box truck for an hour, day, or even a week.

Rather than let your vehicle sit around in the driveway, download the Fluid Market app and list your car; include precise details of your vehicle, including your rate.


sweat coinImagine getting paid to exercise! Not only will you be keeping fit, but earning some cash or other items while at it. Sweatcoin is the app you need to download and get a reason to rise every morning to take a walk or jog.

Sweatcoin is one of those apps that pay users in cash through PayPal, items like Apple watches and iPhones, or anti-gravity yoga classes. Unfortunately, this app is only available on iOS. However, you can sync the app with the GPS on your phone, and other wearable devices.

And, if you are feeling charitable enough with your earnings from Sweatcoin, you can donate funds to charities that have partnered with Sweatcoin.


swoupIf you like saving money using coupons, then consider getting the Swoup app. Yes, it will help you save money with coupons, but the money you save can be used in many ways like.

  • Paying your student loan
  • Saving for vacations or retirement
  • Donating to charities, among other uses.


gig walkerGigwalker app is ideal for both part-time and full-time gigs. Gigs range from running errands, taking care of pets to assembling furniture, among others.

When you apply for gigs on the app, you will be paid through PayPal.


It is always very exciting to see a stream of extra money coming into your pocket for performing some simple tasks online. With regards to the best money making apps we mentioned above, your reward can be in the form of cash, bonuses, discount vouchers, or free gift cards.

Your phone is a tool for making money, whether you are out of a job or looking for some extra cash. The next time you are scrolling through your phone, consider downloading one or two of these Apps that pay, register and try it out. Using your Smartphone to make money is a good deal anytime, anywhere.

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