5 Fantastic Summer Jobs for Teachers

part time summer jobs for teachers

Summer is just around the corner, and students are probably getting restless and antsier as the days go on. The hours seem to drag as they do their work. But what about the people who teach them the lessons and give them work? The teachers.

While many teachers use the summer months to relax and travel, many like to work and started looking for a few summer jobs as soon as the school ends.  It’s something to do and who doesn’t like a little extra cash?

5 Fantastic Jobs for Teachers to Make Money During Summer Break:


Many parents hire a tutor for their children to work with during the summer. It’s not always about the kids struggling during the past school year, but making sure they do not regress during the summer.

Tutors are typically paid on an hourly basis and have a set schedule (once or twice a week). You can meet kids at your local library or go over to their house, depending on what the parents are looking for and comfortable with.

Tutoring is a great summer job for teachers because some of them can get paid well on an hourly basis. Rates vary depending on families/neighborhoods. Perhaps students at your school are looking for a tutor – make sure you get the word out that you are looking for a tutoring gig. If you’d like to work from the comfort of your own home, online tutoring is also an option. Check out tutoring sites like Preply.com


Many teachers nanny over the summer. While occasionally babysitting kids weekly or monthly during the school year is great, many prefer to get full time nannying jobs in the summer. There are tons of families looking for nannies. After all, school is out and the kids are at home – but the parents still need to go to work.

Nannying can consist of bringing the kids to activities, the pool or park, making them lunch, overall just making sure they are safe and taken care for while having a fun time.

The rate for nannying jobs vary depending on families and neighborhood. Check out Care.com and Sittercity for job postings, as well as tutoring jobs!

Summer Jobs for Teachers


Just because you’re out of the classroom, doesn’t mean you should slack on your grammar skills. Sure, maybe the only sentences you are writing are texts to your friends. But while abbreviations and shortcuts are okay when texting, they definitely aren’t okay in the classroom.

So why not try your hand at being a proofreader?

You have the comfort of working from home and get paid to read and proofread others’ work. Here are some sites you can check out to get started:

Coach a Sport

Were you a student-athlete growing up and miss playing on the field or court? There are tons of little leagues and sports camps going on during the summer. From baseball, basketball, and gymnastics – the summertime is a great time to try your hand at coaching a sport.

It’s fun, gets you active (say yes to the summer bod), and because kids are out of school in the summer, chances are enrollment is high – so the need for coaches is high! If you’re into coaching, this could be a fun summer job for you.

Work a Retail Job

Maybe you just want a child-free summer job or want to try your hand at something new. Why not try working a retail job? There are tons of retail jobs available during the summer. Like fashion? Apply as a sales associate at your favorite store. If you like crafts, you can apply as a cashier or stock associate at your nearby craft store.

One of the best things about working retail is that you will most likely receive an employee discount. You can use it for new clothes, shoes, whatever’s available where you end up working!

Final word

Summer jobs are a great way for teachers to make money and try out something new. It’s also a great way to meet people and learn new things that they can implement in their classrooms in the fall! It still gives them a routine (because teachers do like their routine) while still being flexible enough for them to enjoy their summer to the fullest!

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