5 Simple Ways To Identify Profitable Items To Sell On Amazon

what to sell on amazon

Whether you’re new to selling items on Amazon or looking to add items to your already successful listings, finding profitable items to sell is always part of the game plan. You want to sell on Amazon to make money or you wouldn’t be putting in the work and effort. Finding a profitable item or set of items to sell is a key part of your way to bigger and better success.

When you’re trying to figure out what items are going to be profitable to sell there are some key things to keep in mind. Thankfully, a lot of the things you can do to figure out what’s going to have you raking in larger profits aren’t difficult things to start doing. If you take the time to understand what tips and tools are available to you it’s something that can be quite simple.

If you’re wondering what you can do to find simple ways to figure out profitable items to sell on Amazon you’ll definitely want to stick around. You’ll want to keep reading to find out what some of the simplest ways to find profitable items to sell on Amazon are. They really could change up your entire Amazon game plan.

Use An FBA Fee Calculator

How Amazon Fulfillment Works
If you’re not taking advantage of Amazon’s FBA services you’ll definitely want to consider changing that. Customers come to Amazon’s website because they trust the brand, and they often extend that trust to products that are fulfilled by Amazon even when they’re sold by a third party seller. It also gives Amazon Prime customers a chance to take advantage of the free shipping benefits they pay for.

When you start using FBA you’ll want to remember that there are fees associated with each listing. That’s where an FBA fee and profit calculator can come in really handy. There are a lot of factors that go into the final cost of an FBA fee and without an FBA calculator, you’ll be left to guess at rounded numbers and rough estimates. That’s never the best strategy when it comes to making money.

With an FBA fee calculator you can find out exactly what your listing will cost, and even us it to figure out the best pricing strategy. An FBA fee and profit calculator will give you pricing suggestions that fall in the sweet spot between pricing yourself out of the market and pricing so low you don’t make money at all.

Using an FBA fee calculator isn’t something that’s super complicated or hard to do. You’ll be able to make smarter choices about what you want to list when you know how much a listing will cost and what you stand to make in profit. If you haven’t started using an FBA fee calculator now is the time to change that. It’s a smart decision that will make a world of difference.

Opt For Something Less Complicated

When you’re looking for products to sell keep in mind that you’re going to eventually have to deal with at least a few returns. No one can avoid returns entirely but there are ways to minimize the risk that a customer will want to return their purchase. Since Amazon is going to charge you a fee for every product that’s returned it’s in your best interest to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep the risk low.

When you’re considering what to sell think about items that are less complicated to understand and use. If your product is hard to use or complicated in other ways (like lots of moving parts that might break easily) customers are more likely to return the item because they didn’t end up liking it once it was delivered.

Think of simple products that would be easy to describe in great detail on your listings. They’re a good way to reduce your costs associated with returns and just to keep customers happy with you overall. Don’t go too complicated when you’re trying to think of products with the most potential for profit.

Watch The Best Sellers List Closely

Amazon best sellers
Each category on Amazon has its own list of best sellers. When you’re thinking about what items might be more profitable it’s a good idea to watch those lists. Sometimes things on those lists can change rapidly and if you’re watching for it you can catch a trend while it’s on the rise. You might even be able to get in and start selling something before larger brands dominate the buy box.

Selling trendy items is a strategy you’ll want to look into a little more if you plan on making something a long term part of your listings. Sometimes trends come and go in the blink of an eye, leaving you stuck with a bunch of inventory. That’s not an ideal way to make a great profit so you’ll want to weigh out the rising stars from the ones that are going to burn out too quickly.

If you watch the best sellers list over the course of a few days to a few weeks you can get an idea of what’s going to last and what’s just a fleeting thought for customers. Use that information to make the best decisions about what you want to sell for your next listing.

Think About Niche Markets

When you’re thinking about a niche item you’ll want to think about both sides of the argument. While filling a niche is sometimes a great idea for making good money on Amazon there are some pitfalls as well. Niche markets mean you’re ruling out potential customers because not everyone is going to be as interested in your product.

If you want to go for a niche market you might have to plan on putting in some extra time and effort into your marketing. If that’s not appealing to you, consider products with the largest mass appeal possible. Things that appeal to a broader base have a higher likelihood of being searched for and purchased through your listings.

Remember Your Resources

what items to sell on Amazon
There are a ton of tools out there to help you with anything you might be struggling with when it comes to your listing. If you’re wondering about sales rank or keywords, there are tools you can use for that. There are tools to help you analyze market trends too.

Whatever it is you’re needing help with the most, there’s likely help out there for you to use.

You can always ask other Amazon sellers in the Amazon seller community for suggestions too. The idea here is just to remember that you don’t have to figure this stuff out all on your own. You can use the tools and resources you have available to you to make sure you’re making the best decisions possible at all times.


Finding profitable items to sell on Amazon doesn’t have to be difficult. If you keep the tips you read here in mind as you’re making decisions the process can be even easier. Remember that there are lots of options for what you can sell and you can use these tips to make things work for you. Selling on Amazon is never a one size fits all situation but once you figure out what works best for you, you’ll be bringing in more money than ever before.

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