AMC Stubs Insider: Enjoy a Movie with Popcorn and Drink for $10

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Do you love watching movies? While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a movie from the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing like watching the latest flick at the movie theaters. However, movie ticket prices have increased in the past few years – and let’s face it. It’s not just the movie we want to enjoy.

There’s also the addicting movie theater popcorn with that oh so delicious buttery goodness – and some soda complete your movie snack.

If you’re a movie fanatic and love sitting at the theatre with popcorn and soda in hand, then the AMC Stubs Insider membership is for you!

All you need to do is provide your name, email, birthday and preferred theatre and you’ll get exclusive offers and deals. One of the AMC Stubs Member Exclusives is $5 Cameo Combo Tuesdays. This deal is perfectly paired with the $5 Ticket Tuesdays offer, where movie tickets are 50% off! The Cameo Combo includes a Cameo-sized fountain drink and popcorn for $5.

This means you get to watch your movie and enjoy your snack for only $10! And here’s the catch – there is NO catch! It’s free to sign up!

It’s super simple to sign up for an AMC Stubs Insider membership. You just need to provide your basic info like your name, email, birthday and preferred theatre. That’s it! You’ll have access to all kinds of exclusive deals and offers to come your way. AMC Stub members get a free refill every time they purchase a large popcorn.

They also accumulate 20 points for every $1 spent. These points can be spent on concessions. If you want to book your tickets in advance, being an AMC Stubs Insider member allows you to waive the online ticketing fee for up to 4 tickets, perfect if you’re planning a movie night with family or friends!

Check out all the exclusives that come with the membership and the other tiers of membership here! Signing up to be an AMC Stubs Premiere member for $15/year (+tax) lets you enjoy $5 back for every $50 you spend, free popcorn and fountain drink size upgrades,

Priority Lanes at the box office and more.

Signing up for the AMC Stubs A-List membership for $19.95/month (+tax) allows you to watch up to 3 movies a week in any format, such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, and more. You also get all the perks that come with Premiere membership as well.

With the chilly fall weather already making its way, now’s the perfect time to join the AMC Stubs Insider membership and enjoy all the movies (and popcorn) you want!

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