7 Best Online Thrift Stores: Affordable Yet Fashionable

Best online thrift stores

Thrifting is one great way to save tons of cash as well as the environment. But that’s not all. You also enjoy the thrill of discovering something unique and priceless. However, shopping at your local thrift store often entails long hours sifting through piles of clothing, searching for that perfect piece.

There is a better way.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now a lot easier to find trendy, gently worn clothes without leaving your house or breaking the bank. Online thrift stores are a thing these days, and they have all the stuff you’ve been searching for neatly sorted and arranged. All you need to start online thrift shopping is your credit card and a keen eye for fashion.

Here’s Our List of The Best Online Thrift Stores You Can Try:


ThredupThredUp is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in “Secondhand Clothes, Firsthand Fun.” This online thrift store stocks more than 2 million pieces, which consists of over 35,000 brands – in their own words – “from Gap to Gucci.”

The site neatly categorizes the items and provides filters that give online thrift shoppers a personally curated experience.

Thredup has a pretty cool selling process. If you want to sell off some of your unused clothing, all you need to do is to order a Clean Out Kit. They will send a bag to you, which you will fill with the unused articles and return to them. ThredUp will then have your items professionally photographed and listed. You’ll earn a percentage of any item sold in which you can collect cash or leave in your store wallet. If any of your items are not collected, they’ll either be sent back to you or properly recycled. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to sell your unused items, you can ask for a donation kit.

For every donation kit, Thredup donates $5 to any charity of your choice.

Thredup Homepage
Image from Thredup

ThredUp is the go-to online thrift store if you want trendy fashion pieces. Their bulk selling bag offers you a chance to clean out your unused clothing to declutter your space. Another reason to shop at Thredup is that they created a Circular Fashion Fund which supports sustainable fashion movement. The also created Upcycle, which lets you spend your Thredup credit buying stuff from other sustainable retailers.



RefashionerRefashioner is an online thrift store established in 1990 that deals with high-quality, unique designer items. Therefore, they tend to be much pricier. The fashion pieces are mostly vintage designers, some dating back to the 1920s. They include such big names like Miu Miu, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and more. This could be the online thrift store for you if you’re looking for something elegant and classy that won’t be seen on anyone.

Refashioner doesn’t only give you quality vintage clothing; you’ll also get some fascinating background story on each item, a piece of history connected to the item or a memory of a past owner.

What sets Refashioner apart is their total dedication to vintage clothing. They are meticulous when it comes to selecting apparel for sale. They are also involved in checking unethical sourcing prevalent in the industry. There’s no better place to buy quality original vintage wears.


Asos Marketplace

Asos MarketplaceThis is a London based online thrift shop launched in 2010. An offshoot of the well-known popular fashion site ASOS. AsosMarketplace showcases clothing for vintage boutiques and independent clothing brands. Here, you can get some of the best deals in exclusive vintage clothing for men and women.

ASOS maintains a high level of quality workmanship while keeping up with the latest trend in the fashion world. Meanwhile, AsosMarketplace keeps up to the high standard as the original but deals in vintage clothes. ASOS marketplace is different from the other online thrift stores in that you can’t sell your old items there as an individual.

Asos Marketplace best online thrift stores
Image by Asos Marketplace

It’s a place for vintage boutiques, independent designers, and other thrift and consignment shops to list their inventory. Presently, they represent over 800 boutiques across the world. Which is why they have about the most diverse collection of products – their strongest selling point. Their products range from 90’s vintage sportswear to high London fashion to the latest trends in the industry.


GoodTwice online thrift store

GoodTwiceGoodTwice is an online thrift store that boasts one of the lowest prices of the lot. Most of their items cost between $ 10 – $15 and hardly costs more than $20. Also, shipping is just 99c for your first order. But don’t let the low prices dissuade you: the items on their sites are of good quality and in excellent condition. Even more reassuring, GoodTwice guarantees that these items listed on their site are in good condition. This is a good way to allay prospective buyers’ fears since they can’t physically inspect the clothes before buying.

The site allows you to sort the clothes by brand, style, and article for a faster shopping experience.



ShopGoodwillFor many thrift shoppers, the local Goodwill store is a favorite brick and mortar thrift shop. But did you know they also have an online thrift store? Rather than buy from them directly on their website, you can bid on items online just like eBay.

ShopGoodwill.com is an internet auction site created and operated by Goodwill – a non-profit organization. ShopGoodwill.com lists all Goodwill-donated items and auctions them off. All proceeds from the sales go to community intervention programs like education, job placement, career development, and training.

The shopgoodswill.com site offers almost everything you can think of. They list an enormous amount of items for sale. This ranges from clothing to electronics and books to collectibles.

You may miss the excitement of wading through tons of stuff at your local goodwill store. But the online version saves you time and money when you search for an item.



PoshmarkPoshmark is a peer-to-peer online thrift store with over 25 million items from 5,000 brands. It also has a cool android and iPhone app that makes it easy to buy and sell. Anyone can list items on the site for sale and name their prices.

Poshmark’s inventory is mostly made up of modern stuff, unlike other online thrift stores or shops. What we like about Poshmark is the full range of selections available. There’s hardly any designer name that you won’t see listed on their site.

Poshmark also lets you haggle prices with sellers as most people tend to value their items more than they actually worth. The platform encourages bargaining with their counter-offer/offer feature.

Poshmark best online thrift stores
Image by Poshmark

It gets better. You can also “like” items, so you’ll be notified about any price job if you so wish. You can negotiate discounts by buying more than one item from the same seller.

Poshmark’s app is at the root of its appeal. If you are looking for a particular item of clothing, just type exactly what you want into the search bar, and you’ll get hundreds of results to choose from.

Poshmark is one of the best online thrift stores when it comes to the scope of selections available.

For sellers, the Poshmark’s app also comes through with its ease of usage. Just take a picture, post and start selling instantly. And you can make some good money too as a seller. You may check out our article on how you can start selling on Poshmark here.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook MarketplaceFacebook Marketplace is an online marketplace that lets you discover, buy, and sell items with other users in your locality. Somewhat like eBay and gumtree. All transactions on the Facebook marketplace are done outside the app, and Facebook takes no responsibility. Buyers and sellers simply message each other to arrange the transaction.

With the Facebook marketplace, you can search for things to buy or browse items by category and/or location. As a seller, you can create item listings using the camera function of the app to take pictures. Your for-sale items are sorted neatly by category or location. This allows people nearby to find the items you put up for sale. You can view your transactions and notifications in the “your items” section. You can also set custom bids for items.

The exciting thing about transacting on the Facebook marketplace is that there are no seller fees or taxes involved. And it is also easy to bring your listings to the notice of your Facebook network. You’ll never know which of your friends might be interested in your gently used floral dress.



For many thrift shoppers, stepping into a physical thrift store has the thrill of its own. They love the excitement of the hunt – sifting through tons of clothing and items, then the exhilarating moment of discovering a treasure!

But for others, it can be overwhelming going through all that stuff. Although separated broadly into sections, the clothing is all jumbled together, which makes it difficult to find what you are looking for. Clothes of different colors, patterns, and styles are grouped together, and you could spend hours finding a particular skirt to go with the blouse you just bought.

Fortunately, technology has come to your rescue. With thrift stores migrating to the internet, you can avoid the hassle of treasure hunting in physical thrift stores. With just a few taps and a click, you will find the items that you have in mind quickly, making your thrifting experience a great one.

If you are conscious of saving the planet and saving money at the same time, thrifting is the way to go. The 7 best online thrift stores listed above aren’t the only ones – there are many others, but they are good places to start.

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