Should You Avoid Buying a Used Car from a Car Rental Company?

used car from car rental

Buying a car is one of the major purchases you can ever make in your life. Some people have plenty of money that price is no longer a big deal to them. However, the majority of people are looking for affordable deals. If you are one of them, then you are surely contemplating as to whether or not you are going to buy a used car from a car rental company.

The truth of the matter is that buying a used car from a car rental company does come with pros and cons. As a matter of fact, even buying a brand-new car has some risk too. However, there is a huge difference between buying a brand-new car and buying a used car.

Hundreds, if not, thousands of used cars go to dealers around the country and sell at a lower price.

Many people are unaware that the used cars they are going to buy came from car rental companies.

Is buying a used car from a car rental company a smart decision? To know the answer, keep on reading this article and carefully weigh the pros and cons.

The advantages of buying a used car from a car rental company.


Used cars from car rental companies are well-maintained. Car rental companies have strict policies, and they see to it that all their unit is in excellent shape. They have on-site mechanics maintaining their car. If you buy a used car from a car rental company, you can guarantee that the unit is in excellent running condition.


One of the reasons people buy used cars from a car rental company is the price. Undoubtedly, used cars are cheaper than brand new cars. In fact, car buyers can use their negotiating skills to further save money.

The reason used cars from car rental companies are sold cheaper because the companies want to move the cars out of their fleet the soonest time possible. Buying used cars will enable you to save thousands of dollars.


If you buy from a car rental company, you will know exactly the source of the car. The moment you finalize your purchase a clean maintenance record will be provided to you, which serves as a guarantee that the car you purchased has been properly taken care of.

Buying a used car from an unknown source will surely put a lot of questions and doubts in your mind, especially if your car malfunctions a few months after your purchase.


If you purchased a used car from a car rental company, you will still get a warranty, and this is something you can’t find elsewhere if you buy used cars from other sources. The warranty period is usually a year after purchase. Aside from the dealership’s warranty, there is also a possibility that the manufacturer’s warranty is not yet over.

Are there any drawbacks?

Buying a used car from a car rental company or from other sources does have some risks. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, there are a few disadvantages. Just because the car rental companies sell their cars at a bargain price do not necessarily mean that it is problematic.

Car rental companies procure their units at minimum pricing and so when the time comes they have to get rid of their used cars, they can still sell it a competitive price.

Some of the drawbacks of buying used cars from car rental companies include the following:

No upgrade options

When buying used cars from car rental companies or from other sources, there is really no customized options.

You cannot upgrade the stereo or request to tint the windows.

You can have these upgrades after buying the car. If you are looking for particular safety measures, then it is best to check out their entire selections of used cars. You might find something that suits your needs and preference.

Doubtful car history

Buying a used car means buying a car that has been used by the first owner. Although you are buying it from a car rental company, still it is not a guarantee that what the company tells you about the car history is correct.

The previous driver of the car and his/her driving habit can significantly affect the car’s performance.

Since you are buying it from a car rental company, chances are the car has been used by many drivers with varying driving styles.

Some may be easy on the gas. Others will push the brakes often. Various driving styles at a constant interval can actually cause early wear and tear on the car and its parts. Rental clients usually do not take good care of the car because after all, it is not their car.

They can be extremely aggressive when it comes to driving while a car owner can be extremely careful, especially when navigating into tight spots. These practices lead to scrapes, bumps, and other car damage.

used car from a car rental

What to keep in mind when buying used cars?

Most of us want to have brand new cars but because of financial constraints and some circumstances, we settle on buying used cars. There are also others who believed that buying a pre-owned vehicle is a smart financial decision even though they can afford to buy a brand new car.

It’s all about your preference.

Just because the car you are going to buy is second-hand does not necessarily mean that it is not in excellent condition.

When it comes to buying used cars, be it from a car rental company or other sources, you have to meticulously check the car to know if it is in excellent condition.

It would also help if you are going to ask the opinion of a trusted mechanic. Bring him with you and have him test drive the car himself.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to meticulously check the maintenance record. Since you are buying from a car rental company, it would help a lot if you are going to read the car rental companies’ policies.

There are many car rental companies out there, and so you should not settle for the first company you meet. Two of the biggest is Enterprise and Avis. Shop around, check the available used cars for sale, and get pre-approved for an auto loan at your most comfortable rate.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to choosing a car that best fit your preferences, needs, lifestyle, and budget.

If you are someone who does not mind using a pre-owned car, then a used car from a car rental company can be a good choice. They are usually below the current market price, and some of them offer car financing.

A good number of people nowadays have what they call vehicle ownership fund simply because they would rather save money and pay cash when buying a car. Whether you will pay cash or go through a financing program, just make sure you take into considerations the tips mentioned above.

When buying a used or pre-owned car, it is just right to do a thorough research and know all your available options and choose the one that makes your finances and life better. Do not pretend to know it all. Ask for help from someone who is an expert in automotive. Again, a highly trusted auto mechanic is the best person to help you.

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