10 Good Leadership Qualities That Make Great Leaders

leadership qualities

What makes a good leader? To some, it may seem like a mystery, a secret “spark” that all great leaders possess. In reality, most great leaders have a handful of defining qualities that make them who they are.

Regardless of your background, education, or physical appearance, leaders can be born from anyone who makes an effort to learn or grow leadership qualities. Check out this video of these 10 leadership qualities.

Who do you look up to?

Chances are, they possess many of the following qualities. Here are 10 good leadership qualities every leader possesses.


Having faith in what you’re saying and who you are can make all the difference. It’s not uncommon for those with little knowledge or education in a field to gain the acceptance of others, all because they hold themselves with a strong sense of confidence. If you don’t possess any other qualities on this list, if you can show confidence, you’re likely to grab the room’s attention.

The old phrase “fake it until you make it” is deeply rooted in the act of showing confidence in what you’re doing.


You’ll quickly lose the trust of your peers if you’re caught in a lie. Everyone makes mistakes, and having the integrity to own up to them is a quality that people admire.

Integrity is an admirable trait because, for some, it’s easier to lie than to face the consequences of your actions. It’s not always the easiest option, but showing integrity when faced with a potentially negative outcome is always the right thing to do.

Integrity is standing up for what’s right, even when you’re the only one standing.


Becoming a leader takes work, and having a passion for what you’re working towards is essential. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. For some, passion comes naturally.

You’re usually on the right track if you are working towards something you are passionate about. Passion is one of the leadership qualities you can feel in a good leader. You hear it in their speeches, in the way they talk about their trade, and in the way they treat their employees.


Short tempers have no place in a good leader’s mind. Good leaders must think rationally. To do so effectively, a good leader must be patient. Leaders often have a greater knowledge of the subject or field they are in, and could easily become frustrated with having to help or explain something to someone below them, however, a sign of a good leader is that he or she does not become frustrated, instead, he or she shows patience.

Again, patience is another trait that is more difficult to show than frustration, but that’s what makes a leader so great.


You can flip-flop between decisions for as long as you live, but you’ll drive yourself (and those around you) crazy doing so!

Everything has a risk, and the inability to choose the less risky path, or simply make any decision at all, is not something that leaders possess.

Decisiveness doesn’t mean the ability to pick a solution quickly; it’s the ability to consistently pick the best solution in a timely fashion, and especially in times of emergency. Decisiveness is one of the leadership qualities that can instantly make someone a leader.

In the state of an emergency, everyone looks to the person who can quickly make a decision that can remedy the situation.

leadership qualities
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A good leader has the ability to communicate effectively, and with people of many different backgrounds. A good leader can quickly feel out the audience and adjust their messaging accordingly.

Knowing what to say and saying what you mean are qualities of a good leader.

You wouldn’t use business jargon for a group of people who don’t work in your field; you have to communicate in a way that can be understood by many different types of people.


Everyone has done it – made plans and forgot, or made plans and canceled at the last minute. A great leader follows through with his or her commitments. In order to do so, a leader doesn’t commit to something they know they cannot achieve.

Even when you’re not in the mood, have better plans, or simply don’t want to attend your prior commitment, leaders make the effort to do so, and with a smile on their face, not with a bad attitude. Others notice when you follow through with your commitments, it’s an admirable trait to carry.


Even if the situation is grim, a good leader can lift the spirits of any group. It’s not inspiring or helpful to dwell on the negative.

A good leader adjusts their outlook and reflects positivity onto a group. A simple smile or lighthearted joke can instantly lift the mood if done correctly. Nobody wants to follow a leader with a negative attitude; it gets old fast. If you’re naturally happy, positivity is something that radiates from within.


Creativity is one of the leadership qualities that can be difficult to develop. Being able to look at something from a different angle, to think outside of the box is something that many wish for, but a few exercises.

Creativity isn’t just the ability to think of a catchy tagline; it’s the ability to look at something from an angle that no one has considered yet. Creativity is a sign of brilliance; the greatest minds of our time saw something in a way that no one else had seen.


Even if you’re passionate about what you do, there are bound to be times where you lose interest.

Determination is what keeps a leader going.

Determination means getting out of bed when all you want to do is lie back down. When all hope is lost, determination pushes a leader to the light at the end of the tunnel. Athletes are known for their determination, for their ability to fight through the pain and mental blocks to achieve greatness.

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