How to Sell on Poshmark: Tips From My Personal Experience

how to sell on Poshmark

I admit it. I’m guilty.

Guilty of what, you ask? Well, I’m guilty of having an overabundance of clothing. I have a sliding door closet, along with a dresser and chest set in my closet – and it is still not enough space to accommodate all my clothing. Somehow throughout the years, I’ve convinced myself that I need over ten basic white tees in different cuts, seven pairs of black pants, and a handful of denim jackets to complete any look.

But let’s be real – there is actually a huge pile of bags in one designated corner of my room to sell on Poshmark. If you are not familiar with Poshmark, it is an online marketplace where people can sell new or used clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods (think small decor items, curtains, and not furniture).

I remember hearing about Poshmark when it was still a newly launched company in 2011. At that time I was a senior in high school and too lazy to look into it.

Fast forward to 8 years later and I am a huge fan of it. Well, better late than never right?

Here’s a quick rundown on how Poshmark works. After you sign up for an account, you answer a few basic questions like what are your favorite brands. You can search through categories such as women’s, men’s, and children, as well as bottoms, dresses, tops. From there the categories branch out to categories such as skirts, pants, mini dresses, sleeveless tops, and blouses.

I use Poshmark to sell gently used and brand new clothing. All I have to do is snap a few pictures of the clothing piece, write a little blurb describing the piece, set a price, and select the proper categories such as size, brand, and color. Once I have my listing posted, it is in the marketplace. From there I can share it with my followers and join parties that include items in my closet.

Here Are Some Tips and Tricks to Make Your Poshmark Selling Experience a Breeze:


I remember following a bunch of people on Poshmark within my very first days of setting up my closet. In turn, they will most likely follow you back and either share your listings or potentially like the – which may lead to a purchase!



These are catered towards specific items. Some examples of parties I have seen are “Outdoor Adventure: Columbia, The North Face, Patagonia & More Posh Party,” “Best in Dresses,” and “Casual Weekend Party“. Join them and you can share your items with people attending the party.


Take Good Pictures That Showcase Your Item

I try to take pictures of the items I want to sell when there is a lot of natural lighting available. I also like to use a white wall in my house as a plain background or the brown hardwood floor – simple is better Also make sure to take pictures from various angles. For example, if I am selling a blouse, I make sure to take one picture from the front, one from the back, a close up of any details such as a collar, buttons, or print.


Describe Your Item as Clearly as You Can

Here is an example of the description I have for a pink strawberry print dress I am selling on Poshmark:

“This cute and quirky dress is sure to be a conversation starter! The top portion of the dress features a button-up and collar shirt while the bottom half flows out to a shift silhouette. Perfect for summer and the warmer months, very girly. Worn once and in excellent condition. 100% polyester”. If you are selling something brand new with tags, make sure to choose the NWT (new with tag) option, as that makes it more sell-able (is that even a word?).

how to sell on Poshmark tips

As you can see, I include many details about the dress and also word my description to convince prospective buyers to look into the piece.


Package Accordingly

Once I decided to take Poshmark more seriously (as in make it a goal to list items for sale as often as I can), I went on Amazon and purchased clothing bags in various sizes and some packaging stickers. While the product is what gets you a rating (1-5 star seller), I do believe packaging is very important. If a buyer opens the package and sees the item in a bag with a nice little “thank you” sticker sealed on top, it shows care and effort.



I will be completely honest and admit that I am not too familiar with bundling items in your closet together and selling them at a reasonable price. From my knowledge, if someone likes two or more items of yours, you can offer them all of the items at a discounted price. Don’t quote me on this though. I also just bundled three summer tops together in one listing for $12.

I make sure to spend a couple of hours a month (approximately two hours every other weekend) to post new listings. Taking pictures and writing descriptions of items does take some time – but trust me, it is worth it. Why? Because Poshmark allows you to sell your items free of charge.

So here is how it works. You list your item at a certain amount and a bit is deducted to cover shipping (it is not a significant amount at all). Once someone purchases your clothing piece or item, Poshmark emails you a shipping label. All you have to do is put it on the box. Free! And you can get priority shipping boxes of various sizes for free at your local post office. If you are super lazy like me, you can also order these boxes free of charge online. Easy peesy, right?

Also, my last tip is to please do not be impatient. I remember when I made my first sale on Poshmark I was so excited…..and then it took a few weeks to two months for someone to purchase a skirt, then a few weeks someone purchased a pair of shoes I had posted a while ago. Then fast forward to two months ago, I had a few buyers purchase items I was starting to lose hope that would get sold. So keep going. The important thing is to get your items listed and to share them (I lowkey share items during my lunch break at work sometimes – it takes less than a minute!).

You can set up to get paid through a paper check or your online bank account. You can have money deposited into your account right away or choose when to deposit your Poshmark balance into your account.

Check out my Poshmark closet here!

So there is my rundown on Poshmark. It is definitely worth checking out, especially if you sometimes find yourself guilty of overshopping (if that’s even a thing), and want to make a bit of money instead of donating your gently worn or brand new clothes to the thrift store. It just takes a bit of time and effort to get yourself set up and into the swing of things, and then from there, it should be smooth sailing.

I'm Stephanie. Coffee lover, desserts baker, and excessive shopper. Because I love indulging in all three I'm always on the lookout for the best deals out there- and sharing them with people.

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