12 Great Jobs for Seniors and Retirees: Full time or Part Time

park ranger jobs for seniors and retirees

There are several reasons why seniors and retirees may want to continue to work or look for jobs after retirement. They may have run out of things to do or miss the camaraderie and social interactions that come with working in a group, or they go back to work to avoid running out of retirement savings. Hopefully, the last option isn’t the case.

But anyway, a good number of seniors and retirees are returning to employment (preferably something less tasking) and most of the time, not necessarily in their former careers or line of work.

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Here Are Some of the Best Jobs for Seniors and Retirees to Consider:

Golf course ranger or golf cart attendant

I play golf, and for golfers like me, this may be the perfect job after retirement. Every time I talk to these rangers, they seem to be very happy with what they are doing.

The position is mostly seasonal and involves overseeing the smooth running of the golf course or country club. Their duties include ensuring golfers adhere to the rules and regulations of the course and making sure the grounds are well kept.

You should possess a friendly and pleasant demeanor to work in this capacity since your job has to do with interacting with golfers. You are effectively the face of the golf course or country club.

No formal education is required for this position; instead, in-depth knowledge and love of the game, which will never be an issue for most golfers. You should also have customer service skills as well as communication skills.

One of the benefits of working at the golf course is the opportunity to play golf for free, and for most retirees and seniors, this could very well be the best part-time job for them. A job as a golf course ranger or golf cart attendant will definitely suit many retirees who love to play golf.


Library assistant

A library assistant or library technician assists librarians in preparing and organizing library resources for the benefit of patrons. Some of their duties include cataloging, loaning and shelving books, magazines, and other materials. they also issue new patrons with library cards, help users locate resources, and maintain electronic databases. They carry out all other tasks needed to run a library smoothly.

This could be the job for you if you prefer to work in a quiet environment. It’s a low-stress job and would suit retirement perfectly. A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for this job role. You’ll receive on the job training as needed. This job is perfect for seniors who love to read books.


Park Ranger

If you are physically fit and love the outdoors, what better job to do in your retirement than working as a park ranger? Park rangers typically work for state or federal governments and are entrusted with the task of protecting woodlands, parks, and other conservatories. Their work is mostly outdoors patrolling campgrounds and trails.

Park rangers take visitors on guided tours and answer their questions which makes this a really fun job for retirees. They also assist with search and rescue operations and ensure park visitors adhere to safety regulations.

You are required to have a bachelor’s degree, at least. A biology or forestry degree would be a great advantage, although not compulsory. You may need further field training to prepare you to work as a park ranger. Besides being physically fit, you should also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Tutoring (for retired teachers)

Tutoring is a natural fit for retired teachers. You simply take your knowledge and skills as a teacher and smoothly transition from a group situation to a one-on-one situation.

Tutors give extra lessons to students who want to get ahead in class, those with difficulties in a particular area or students preparing for a standardized test like GED or SAT.

Tough subjects like sciences and maths tend to earn more pay. The main attraction to tutoring jobs for seniors and retirees is the flexible nature of the job. You’ll work independently and set your own schedules. You can get clients by advertising in local publications, distributing flyers, or passing through schools and government agencies and local houses of worship. Plenty of opportunities exists for tutors in just about any subject.


Work in retail as a retail assistant

There’s always work to be found in retail, especially during the holiday period. This is an excellent part-time engagement for a retiree. If you fancy the idea of selling and interacting with large numbers of people daily, then this may be just right for you. You can schedule your hours around your availability.

A retail assistant works for retail organizations and helps customers to ensure their transactions are concluded satisfactorily. They attend to the customers, process their payments, and help them to check out.

There are no minimum educational requirements to work as a retail assistant. What you’ll need are an outgoing personality and high-level customer service skills. You must also be conversant with computers and other devices in use in the shop. Although it could be challenging, the job is thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you are a “people person.”


Uber or Lyft Driver

If you enjoy driving and know your way around town, you may consider driving for ride-hailing services. The job offers a lot of flexibility with your time, as you may drive only when you wish to. Driving for ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber offers requires you to have a good sense of direction.

Your car must be in tip-top shape, and you must meet up to all the requirements from the service providers. You do not require a college education to be a driver. But, of course, you must have a driver’s license.


Dog walker

If you love dogs, you know that they also require plenty of exercises, just like their human owners. But for many dog owners, fitting in dog walking into their tight schedule is virtually impossible. This is where dog walkers come in. Dog walkers are paid to walk dogs around and pick up poops. It is one of the more lucrative pet jobs with the potential to net about $40,000 to $60,000 annually.

This could be a befitting job in your retirement if you love dogs. And it has the unintended benefit of getting you healthier due to all the walking. Dog walking isn’t a complicated business to start up. You require little equipment, and there’s no minimum educational requirement. In some cities, you’ll be needed to obtain a permit. If you so wish, you can be trained and certified as a dog walker by organizations licensed to do just that.


Delivery driver

Delivery drivers transport and deliver goods and products. Their vehicle of choice could be a van, motorcycle, small truck, car, or bicycle. They are hired by organizations such as post offices, logistics companies, package delivery companies, restaurants, and fast food establishments, dry cleaners, etc. who offer delivery services.

Your job as a delivery driver entails using pre-established routes to ensure parcels are delivered as quickly as possible. You also catalog, run inventory, and track all packages. And once you deliver a package, you are to ensure the recipient signs off a form as acknowledgment.

A minimum of high school diploma or GED, clean driving record, and of course, a driver’s license are the requirements for a delivery driving job. Of course, you must be 18 or older. But then, hardly any retirees are below that age.


Elementary teacher assistant

You may consider this job if you love working with children. An elementary teacher aide or assistants, help teachers in the classroom. They assist in marking attendance, preparing classroom materials, grading papers, and organizing kids for field trips, etc.

In some school districts, a minimum of a high school diploma will suffice for this role. However, most places will require an associate degree. Training could be on the job or through educational programs designed for such training.


School bus driver

The part-time nature of a school bus driving job makes it ideal for the retiree who desires a low-stress task. You must also love working with kids because the job doesn’t just require you to operate a vehicle. You’ll also assume an almost parental role as kids take you as a friend, and parents trust you with the safety of their wards.

Your job description includes picking up kids along established routes and dropping them at school and back again. You may also drive them to extracurricular events like field trips and sporting or social events.

Although a college education isn’t needed, you must be a trained bus driver, possess a commercial driving license, and have a clean driving record.


Resume writer

Resume writers’ designs and writes resumes for job applicants to give them a better chance of gaining employment. They are aware of what recruiters look out for in a resume, so they’ll write it in such a way to instantly make a favorable impression.

You may specialize in writing resumes for a particular category of applicants. Some resume writers prepare resumes for executive roles or for a specific industry. They know the right wordings and specific phrasing to use that appeals to employers in that sector.

You may be employed by companies that offer resume writing services or choose to work on our own as a freelancer. Although there are no specific educational qualifications for this job, you should have a college degree and be conversant with the use of word processing software.

You should know how to communicate effectively with clients and get information that would be most useful in crafting the right resume for them. Previous experience working in personnel is an advantage but not required for this job.


Theme or Amusement park attendant

This is another excellent choice for part-time or seasonal jobs for seniors and those in retirement. A theme park attendant operates and maintains rides and other equipment at amusement/theme parks. They also work concession stands and booths selling drinks, snacks, and tickets to games.

No minimum education is required, but you must have a pleasant personality and excellent customer relationship as you’ll be interacting with people of all ages. You’ll be trained on the job and maybe trained to handle a particular ride or attraction, or trained in all of them.



Remaining actively engaged in your golden age is proven to keep you healthier, mentally, and physically. And what better way than to be productively involved in a job on your own terms.

While companies value older workers for their experience and knowledge gained over several decades, it also provides you an opportunity to learn and try out new career paths you have always admired but never had the time to try out.

The list of jobs for seniors above is just a small list of what’s available out there, but it is a great starter list. Most of the jobs are usually available either on a part-time or full-time basis.

And by the way, don’t think you are too old to learn new tricks – you’ll be surprised you still have so much to offer.

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