Part 2 - Mind Over Money Series

Money Concept: Money is Just an Idea – Wrap Your Mind Around That!

Money concept

Have you ever stopped to consider the concept of money and what it means in reality? Let’s not go with the superficial understanding that money is paper and coins.

Could it be more than that? Could it be less than that?

Economists try to define it and come up with different opinions on what it really is!  Could it be that money is just a made up means of commerce for efficiencies sake? This replaces bartering our time, talent and treasures?

I would like to go down a journey with you in a series of articles about money, about a money concept, how it affects your life, and how you can have more of it! You will come to understand that having a lot of money is not the end game.

The end game for you is to create the life of your dreams and find happiness.

Money Concept: Money as an Idea

My concepts about money are what I have learned throughout my life in seasons of having plenty of money and in a season of having a scarcity of money. I have come to understand very important concepts about money that have enhanced my life and I desire to share these with you.

Money is just an idea, created by society as a means of commerce.

It does not matter if it is US dollars, foreign dollars, credit, black market money or even digital money. For the sake of this series, let’s just group all of these means of commerce into a few simple concepts if that works for you.

So just take a few minutes to let that thought settle in. Did you pause long enough to really think about it?

If you thought about it for a little bit you will begin to see that money as an idea is just another way for humans to interact with each by sharing their time and talent and treasures.

Money as an idea is much more efficient than bartering with our time and talent and treasures.

It is because of the idea of money that we have an economic system under free markets than bring you a quality level of human existence that surpasses any other moments in history. So give this some thought. This brings me to another money concept that you should consider.

Money is an idea 2

Money is just an idea that you will use as a tool.

A tool to help you accomplish your life’s purpose. If you fully understood this statement you will begin to see that money should not define you as it is an idea that is nothing more than a tool.

Do you allow having a tool such as a hammer define you as a person? How about if you do or do not own a vehicle? Does that define you as a person and express your value as a human being? Absolutely not!

How about owning a house or not owning a house? Does either of these define you as a person? No, they should not!  All of these are purchased with the idea of money, but not having them is not who you really are!

Wrap your mind around that, please! This moves us to a more important concept around the idea of money.

Money is not the most important idea or thing in life.

But because of its place in society, it can have the most bearing on our relationships, both personal and business. Now did you really think about the last statement there? I trust that you will begin to understand that because money is an idea that is accepted by the greater society as a means of commerce, then it has the most impact in our means of commerce.

Money indirectly can affect our relationships both personal and in business.

The idea of money and how we handle it is similar to fire or electricity. With either form of energy, we know that both fire and electricity can bless our lives or destroy our lives. It all depends on how we handle either fire or electricity. No examples needed, would you agree?

In the same way, how we handle the idea of money in our lives can either destroy us or bless us. The reason is that it is truly a form of energy that we as humans can use to help or to hurt. I trust you will see money as useful energy in your lives and not hurtful energy.

Since money is technically a form of energy, then it has to move and always be in a state of flux. Now work with me on the following idea.

money concept
Africa Studio/

Money as an idea works best when it is flowing, not stagnant.

Now I really need you to stay engaged with me on this one. Because it is a means of commerce, it has to flow through society for it to work. As it flows through society it is able to create the goods and services and luxuries that we as humans need and desire to enjoy the life that we intend to create.

Did you really get that one?

If everyone simply hoarded cash, and never used it, it would lose its value. This is not to say you should not have cash available as a visible representation of this form of energy. It is necessary for many good reasons to always have cash that is in the paper or note form that best suits where you live.

However, just understand that all paper money is not the energy of money. It is only a representation of that energy that people will accept in certain situations. Most likely a fast food restaurant will not accept your $1000 or even $100 paper note but will accept the $20 note.

Why is this? Because paper money is just a physical representation of money that is only as good as the greater society will accept it. In fact, all paper money will eventually reach its intrinsic value of zero. I will give you the German paper Mark (DEM) as a case in point. It may have some minimal exchange value, but the currency is now obsolete in favor of the Euro.

Lastly, I want you to understand that because money is an idea that is a form of energy you need to understand this last bit.

Money as an idea can be created.

Please take this money concept to heart. It is a valid concept around the understanding that money as an idea is a form of energy that is renewable at all times. Because of the law of attraction or more succinctly the law of creation, you have the ability to create more and more of this idea of money into your life.

This is true no matter how old you are, what your talents are or your current situation in life. If you are cognizant and conscious you can create more of this energy in your life that we call money.

BA in Accountancy, he entered the entrepreneurial world by starting his first online marketing business in 2004. He is passionate about personal finance, self-development, the stock market, and a digital marketing addict. He strongly believes that financial knowledge combined with self-discipline is the key to achieving financial freedom.  He is also an avid golfer and a 15 handicapper.

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