Life Insurance 101

Life InsuranceLife Insurance 101

Life Insurance has been around for at least a century now and it seems that it is still one of the most misunderstood financial products that people need. Yes, that is correct, this is one product that most people need, but seldom understand. When it comes to life insurance there always seems to be a misconception about it, possibly because of the industry’s own way of marketing.

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mini guide credit scores

Credit ScoresWhat You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Let’s face it. We live in a credit driven economy. Without credit, the US Economy would not be anywhere the size and benefit that it is now. As a result, it is very few Americans that can live their lives without needing some sort of credit in the form of a loan.

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Estate Planning Guides

Estate PlanningGuide to Estate Planning

For those of you who think that Estate Planning is only for the rich and famous or those with large estates, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality of the matter is that everyone needs to do some estate planning from simple to complex.

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Retirement Planning Guide

Retirement planningGuide to Retirement Planning

This little guide is there to educate you on some of the issues and maybe take some of the scares out of it. As a former financial advisor, I only met a few people, who based on their current lifestyle at the time were truly financially prepared for it. The financial services industry is great at alarming people in hopes of a new client or sale.

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Home Buying and Ownership

Home buying and ownershipGuide to Home Buying and Home Ownership

When it comes to pursuing the American Dream, it would appear that owning a home is the cornerstone of this dream. However, if not properly addressed this dream can turn into a nightmare and a nemesis for those not prepared.

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