10 Must Have Travel Accessories for Every Jet-setter

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Everyone has his or her list of necessities. The items you can’t leave the house without. When it comes to traveling, we are sometimes forced to reconsider what we really need in order to save room. Snow boots in July and strappy heels for the ski trip are usually the first to go. But what about that extra bathing suit?

Will the hotel have toiletries? What if I don’t like them? Should I pack the sunscreen, or leave it and risk spending a fortune at the hotel “corner store”?

There are countless packing lists out there with way more than you will ever need, but there are a few must-have travel accessories every jet-setter can’t leave without.

Here are the 10 must-have travel accessories for every traveler.

Digital Luggage Scale

You see them when you’re shopping before a trip, and somehow manage to leave without it every time. This compact digital luggage scale is a lifesaver. Even if you have a scale at home you use to check your bag before you go, this travel size scale can fit in your bag, and is great for when you’re wondering if the Peruvian vase you had to have is going to tip the scale and cost you extra fees on the flight back home.

It’s a one-time investment that will seriously pay off. Snag this compact scale for $10.

Toiletry Bag

It’s time to invest in a real toiletries bag (and one that’s only $10!).

You cut it way too close with the ziplock bag incident last time, and the makeup bag you still have from high school isn’t cutting it either. This leak-proof, highly organized toiletry bag is an all-in-one solution that provides more compartments than you’ll ever need. You can also hang it from the doorframe to save counter space.

Waterproof Shoe Bags

Your shoes may be squeaky clean on the way to your destination, but that is hardly the case heading home. Even if your shoes stay dry, these waterproof shoe bags are great for dirty towels, wet bath suits, or anything else you don’t want to get wet or soak your suitcase with. For a set of four, $12 isn’t a bad deal. If you end up not needing them at all, they hardly take up any room in your suitcase. No harm, no foul.


It may not be the most exciting of the travel accessories, but anyone who’s slept next to a snoring family member or crying baby knows how essential these are. There are tons of options out there, shop around and try out a pair before you head out and see how they do.

Earplugs are relatively inexpensive, but priceless in a situation where you need them. I can usually sleep through the chatter, but if I’m not feeling well and need to lie down, earplugs are a must. You can get this pack of 50 for the entire family for $12.

Phone Battery Pack

There is nothing scarier than being alone in a foreign country and having your phone die. Even if you’re not alone, not being able to take pictures is no fun. When you’re on vacation, your phone goes into overdrive. Between the maps, videos, and long-distance calls, your battery can die at a much faster rate than what you’re used to.

This lightweight and compact phone battery pack works with iPhones and Androids and isn’t too much of a hassle to carry around, especially when you really need it. It sure beats sitting in the stateroom waiting for your phone to recharge!

For $26, it’s one of the cheaper chargers and travel accessories on the market.

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Lightweight Backpack

Seriously, this is the most lightweight backpack ever. This ultra-small, waterproof backpack is perfect for day excursions and packing up the towels and toys for the beach. If you plan on grabbing a lot of souvenirs, throw the folded backpack in your purse and break it out when it’s time to shop. As cute as your purse is, shoving all your valuables into it and killing your shoulder isn’t necessary.

For only $16, it’s one of the cheapest backpacks out there, too.

Multipurpose Wallet

Between the passports, cards, cash, foreign currency, and I.D.’s, it’s too easy to run the risk of losing something important. Having everything in one location is an easy and safe way to keep your documents together. Available in every color imaginable, this wallet is perfect for men and women alike.

$17 to save your passport, cash, and cards from becoming lost is well worth the money.

Luggage Straps

Not only are these great for spotting your bag at the airport; these luggage straps can be a lifesaver if your zipper breaks during your trip. Available in a variety of colors and quantities, these can save you time at the luggage retrieval and headaches down the road. If you need a little extra help squeezing everything into your bag, these can help clamp down on the bulk as well.

You can snag a pack of four for the family for only $16, or one for $6.

Google Translate

While this isn’t technically a travel accessory, Google Translate is one of the most useful tools to have while in a foreign country. You can aim your phone’s camera at street signs, menus, or any other body of text, and the app will translate the image into your native language.

And the best part is it’s completely free.

Make sure to download the language you need offline before you go, so you aren’t using precious data to determine what you’re having for dinner.

Universal Adapter

Take the guesswork out of adapters and go for all-in-one universal adapter. For $16, it’s one of our favorite travel accessories. If you wait until you get to your destination, you run the risk of overpaying for one, or worse, having your electronics die on you before you can find one.

Customers rave about this particular brand. Some adapters can overheat and fry your electronics, not something this adapter has been reported doing.

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