New College Grads: Tips on How to Land That First Job

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Getting a job today seems to be a tough task, especially for fresh college graduates. It is every College graduates dream to land that first job. However, there is no guarantee that educational documents will get you that dream job you are looking for.

Finding a job as new college grads with little or no experience can be tough. This would mean that you should be better than ever prepared, and it is not all about your hard skills.

The good news, however, is that by following the right procedure and considering all important aspects of looking for a job, could actually bring you good tidings in your job search endeavors.

Here are some important tips to help you land that very first job:

What do you want to do?

This is where you should start. Yes, you went to college, yes, you worked hard towards that degree, and yes, you are ready for the challenges ahead; but where do you see yourself in 5- 7 years? Will it be an IT startup in Silicon Valley, a regional bank, or you are going to storm the Wall Street?

As new college grads to land that first job you should know exactly what you are looking to find in terms of a job and employer. Have a clear vision, gather as much information as possible and weigh all the cons and pros.

Update your resume.

Always keep your resume up to date. If you have no previous job experience, list your major and minor studies with an emphasis on particular skill sets you learned or developed while in school. It should contain all of your recent achievements.

As new college grads, probably you will not have much to say about your working experience, but it would be great to talk about your internships and volunteering experience.

Try to send customized resumes, find out what the employer is looking for and make some small corrections into your resume to become a perfect fit.

Prepare your ‘elevator pitch’.

The ‘elevator pitch’ or ‘elevator speech’ is a short summary of yourself. What if you appeared in an elevator with Elon Musk? You pushed 50th floor and Elon the 45th. Now, you have just half a minute to convince him that you are the right person he needs.

Your summary has to be short, yet it should contain your most notable achievements. You should be able to sell your skills in those 20-30 seconds. Prepare the statement, write it down, revise it, and try not to forget it.

Update your social media accounts.

Linkedin is an extremely useful tool for job-seekers and students. It has gradually replaced the traditional resumes and cover letters. Linkedin and social networking sites, in general, are great ways to display your skills and expand your network.

Through Linkedin, you will have the opportunity of connecting with your future employers and increase your chances of being noticed.

Get in touch or visit your School career center.

It is never too late; the opportunities you are looking for may rise and be taken away in a matter of days (if not hours). Connect with the career center of your college and make sure to have access to all the job openings you are interested in.
Consider calling or visiting the other career services as well. Do not overlook volunteering and part-time jobs, those can be quite helpful at the beginning of your career.


The benefits of offline networking are hard to exaggerate. Get in touch with like-minded professionals and try to expand your network as much as possible.

When dealing with anyone always keep in mind what you can do to add some value to his business. Try to become the person whom he will call first next time, once there is a new vacation at his company.

Never ever lose your enthusiasm.

Be optimistic and grab new opportunities as hard as you can.If you don’t initially land that interview or job, do not despair.

Other opportunities will come your way. New college grads like you will eventually land that dream job.

There is a multitude of job search sites on the internet. Check back on those weekly or even daily to find new job postings. Good Luck!

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