20 Best Online Jobs for College Students (Working from Your Dorm)

online jobs for college students

People think two things when they hear the words “college life” – hours of endless studying and hours of partying. Both cost money. Let’s say you go to your favorite coffee shop and end up buying a latte and snack every time you have a study session. A latte costs approximately $5. Add a treat and you’re spending $10 every time you need to study for an exam. With trying to juggle school and having a social life, working a part-time job may be the last thing you want to do. Here is where online jobs for college students come in to play.

We all know partying can be expensive. Whether you’re hitting up the bars or are at a friend’s place, booze is expensive. Even if you don’t spend money when you study or don’t go out much, there are weekly expenses as well as those impending student loans you don’t want to think about. Plus, some days you might just want to treat yourself to the latest iPhone or a nice meal (how much cafeteria food can you really eat before wanting to vomit?)

When I was in college, I worked a part-time job at a retail store which I thought was one of the best jobs for college students like me. While they were pretty flexible with hours, I’d still spend time and gas money to get myself there and back home. If I couldn’t work a specific day, I would have to request off in advance – and while it wasn’t a huge inconvenience, sometimes at the end of the week I just wasn’t in the mood to be social at my job.

All I wanted to do was earn some money and relax at home. 

Online jobs have helped thousands of students get through college. Whether it’s paying for daily expenses, treating yourself to a much-needed vacation after finals, or saving up for the post-grad life, these financially smart students use their talents to earn some cash.

Aside from working part-time at retail stores, pet or house sitting, and the other odd jobs many typically do, there are now tons of online jobs available for college students. There are many online job options out there for busy college students who need flexible hours and may not have a means of transportation. Online jobs can give you the flexibility of creating your own schedule and working from the convenience and comfort of your dorm!

Best online jobs for college students

If You’re a College Student, Here Are Some of the Best Online Jobs Available for You:

Online Researcher

You’re probably an expert when it comes to doing a lot of research work for your homework, so why make money researching some more. Many people and companies out there are in need of line researchers.

Wonder is a company that hires researchers to provide at least 5 different sources to answer their clients’ questions. After you collect the information, you need to synthesize it into a coherent answer. Top Wonder researchers can make up to $35 in an hour (pretty sweet, huh?) Let’s say you work for at least 2 hours a day, that adds up to around $2,100 a month.

That money can help you with your daily expenses, as well as give you a bit of extra spending or saving money. Sign up here and start your journey with Wonder.

Another site you can go to for online research jobs is 10EQS. They hire what they call Subject Matter Experts. They look for researchers with experience in specific industries, technologies, or functions. Sign up and work with their clients’ specific project needs if this sounds like something in your field.

Other online research job sites you may also want to check out include IT-Boss Research and RWS.

Graphic Designer

Looking for a creative outlet from all that studying? Why not give graphic design a try? Companies look for graphic designers to design engaging campaign materials such as banners, web and social media campaigns, prints, and more. An eye for catchy artwork and some background knowledge in design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are helpful when applying for graphic designer positions.

For freelancers, you can get started with sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Simply just sign up for an account, complete your profile and you are good to go! Potential clients will see your profile and can hire you for projects. Upwork requires a bit more effort – once you have your profile created you are responsible for pitching yourself and your work to potential clients.

Either way, most graphic designers make good money on both sites depending on skills and availability. Just keep in mind that when you first start out, you will have to charge clients a lower rate as you build your portfolio and credibility.

Paid Internship from Home

Working from home as an intern sounds like a dream but yes, virtual paid internships are real. Not only will you be earning money while gaining the experience and skills needed in your chosen career, but you will also be doing it in the comfort of your own home. Internships are a great way to start building up experience for your resume, as well as a network for when you are job hunting after graduation.

Virtual Internships and Zip Recruiter are good places to go to when looking for a paid internship. Browse through their advertised jobs and apply for the one that best suits you. You just might get that ideal paid internship that you’re looking for.

Part-time Call Center Agent

This is a great online job for college students who are great at problem-solving, multitasking, and specifically those with great communication skills. If this sounds like you, then there are a number of opportunities in this field that can earn you some extra cash. Work as a telemarketing agent, a customer service agent, sales rep, appointment scheduler or even a reservationist.

Accolade, Xerox, Advanis, and AdviseTech are sites that hire part-time call center agents so make sure to check out their job boards.

Online English tutor

Put your English language skills to good use by becoming an online English tutor. No English or lit major necessary. Many people are looking to improve their English. Immigrants may be seeking help in order to get through their daily routine in a new country, foreign exchange students may need help in improving their speaking and writing skills for class.

Cambly is a site that pays people to chat with students from all over the world who would like to learn English. By chatting with students, you are helping them improve their conversational skills. Through their App, you can work flexible hours, track your time, and get paid. They pay $0.17 per minute, which adds up to $10.20 per hour. If you can manage to work for 2 hours a day, you’re making around $20.40 per day – that adds up to be around $612 a month!

Say ABC also offers online teaching opportunities. They assign the classes to the teachers themselves. Besides having a quality headset with a microphone, and Google Chrome, you also need to download their teaching platform. With Say ABC, you can start with a base pay of $15 per 40-minute class. There are also other incentives that can earn you up to $6.

VipKid and Magic Ears are great options for you to consider. You will be teaching English students from China and they also pay very well.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

All that time you spend on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops scrolling through various social media sites can be put into better use – by making money on the side. Your knowledge of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can bring in some extra cash for you. For example, if you enjoy posting pictures on Instagram and have a large following, you are definitely capable of reaching a wide audience for a company.

Companies are looking for college students who know their way through social media sites to market their services and products. You may check out job sites like Indeed.com and CareerBuilder to see their latest job openings for this position.

Video Editor

As more people create videos covering different topics, the opportunity for video editing jobs is increasing. This is an excellent opportunity to make money editing videos for small companies and individuals.

You can be a video editor for different platforms such as Mac, Mobile, and Windows. To qualify for the position, companies are looking for someone who has experience with audio, footage, graphics, and sound effects. Background knowledge and experience using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro is a huge plus. You may also be asked to create or edit digital marketing videos for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru also have filmmakers looking for video editors.

Sell Stuff Online

Selling stuff online is ideal for busy college students. You make your own hours. The first step is to create an account. Then, all you need to do is snap some pics of your unwanted items and price them. From selling textbooks, clothes and handmade crafts on places like Etsy and Ebay, the opportunities are endless. If you are looking to get rid of those expensive college textbooks you from last semester, you can make money selling books at Chegg, Campus Books, and Bookscouter.

And of course, Amazon is also a wonderful place to sell anything from dorm furniture, clothing, and whatever else you want to get rid of.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is one of the most sought-after online jobs for college students. There are quite a number of companies out there who are seeking data entry help. Between busy schedules on weekdays and lazy evenings and weekends, you can work online for the client of your choice.

Depending on your knowledge, skills and typing speed, some data entry clerks make as much as $30 per hour. Your responsibilities as a data entry clerk may include collecting and entering data into various computer programs. You may also be asked to verify data accuracies using an application system.

Check out freelancing sites like Upwork, and Fiverr if you want to be more flexible with your work schedule.

Virtual Assistant

We are past the days where assistants fetched their boss’ coffee, picked up their dry cleaning, and called their drivers.

Welcome to the new era of virtual assistants.

Nowadays, all you need is Wifi to work as a Virtual Assistant for an individual or a business. Most VAs work as a freelancer and usually find their jobs on freelancing sites.

Your duties include scheduling and coordinating appointments, research projects, bookings, reservations, making phone calls and some data entry work. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is usually a requirement for this job.

Companies like Byron, Time Etc, and Belay Solutions hire VAs for their clients on an hourly basis.

Sell Photographs

All these pictures you take can make you some extra cash. Most college students nowadays are all about documenting every part of their day in picture form. From the food they eat, places they go to, they’re always snapping pics for Instagram and Snapchat.

If you have a good camera and enjoy taking high-quality pictures, you may be able to make some extra money by selling them online.
You can build a website to showcase your photos and images to create a portfolio and sell them on sites like Shutterstock, SmugMug, and Dreamstime.

Search Engine Evaluator

When someone searches something on Google, thousands to millions of results pop up.
However, these results sometimes have errors. The algorithms in the background might rate content with mistakes and irrelevant content on the wrong pages.

The role of the search engine evaluator is to make sure that the search engines and results are updated and as accurate as possible. You will be responsible to correct these errors using a specific tool.

Fast Wifi and excellent search skills are the requirements typically needed for this position.

To find jobs as a search engine evaluator, you can browse through sites like Lionbridge and Raterlabs.

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Presentations are still a vital part of the workplace specifically PowerPoint presentations. From business presentations to speeches, meetings, and video presentations through online channels like YouTube, a good Powerpoint design and presentation is crucial for any business.

If you are great at creating PowerPoint presentations, use your skill to earn some extra cash. Not only will you make extra money, but you’ll constantly be improving your PowerPoint skills – always a plus in the workplace.

You can register to be a PowerPoint Presentation Designer with sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr.

App, Software and Product Tester

Before launching any App, software, or platform, companies look for beta testers and users to test their products. Product testers give feedback and help companies improve product usabilities and functionalities. Product tests are usually done at home and there typically aren’t any specific requirements to be a product tester

Part of your job may include giving user feedback and doing a product evaluation.

You can sign up for a gig with testing sites such as User Testing, Testing Time, and StartUPLift.

The rates vary depending on the site and the product you end up testing.


The job of a transcriptionist is to mainly listen to an audio recording and at the same time type what they hear. In short, as a transcriber, you will be turning audios into text.

Typing speed matters, but accuracy is highly important in this role.

Transcribers are paid per minute on the audio they transcribe. If you have great typing speed, then you will make more money. Additionally, you can also pick a niche or preferred topic depending on your educational background. The most popular transcription jobs are for medical and legal offices.

Jobs transcribing typically have a set of specific requirements depending on the company.

You can get transcribing jobs through sites like Scribie, Transcribe Anywhere and Transcribe Me. If you have no prior experience as a transcriber, Transcribe Anywhere offers online courses for beginners. They also have a trial run where you can test your skills before “officially starting”.

Resume Writer

Transform one’s plain resume into a high-quality one. Enjoy writing out and editing resumes? Get a job as a resume writer.
You can start off by offering your services to friends and classmates. Try registering with online job platforms to build up a bigger clientele.

It’s very important to have excellent grammar and communication skills if you want to get started with your own resume writing service. You must also learn or have knowledge of various resume formats.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have writing categories with a specific section for resume and cover letter writers. You get to set your own rates depending on your experience and skills.


You might have seen captions on various videos you are watching. Well, these captions and subtitles are written by people.

Captioners are paid to watch videos and include time captions. The captions, of course, have to be perfectly in sync it with the audio of the video.

Some companies will require you to work with their transcribers as a proofreader. Excellent typing skills are a must for this type of job – they may require a high number of words per minute speed. You can get paid well as a captioner. Plus the luxury of being able to work from home is hard to beat.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, Vitac and Rev are great places to start.

Take Surveys

People do get paid to take online surveys. You can use your free time in-between classes and over the weekends to make some extra money by taking some surveys here and there.

The job is pretty self-explanatory and will require around 5 – 15 minutes.

Depending on the site you are taking surveys for, you can make from $1 to $10 per hour. Some sites do have group surveys that let you earn up to $150. After completing the survey, you can get paid through Paypal, gift cards or by cash. Sign-up with multiple survey sites to maximize your earnings.

Start earning money by signing up with sites like Survey JunkieOpinion Outpost, and Global Test Market US.

Virtual Part-time Project Manager

Are you an organized person who has impeccable skills to coordinate workflows and get a job or project done? Can you supervise the implementation, execution, and completion of a project? If the answer is yes, working as a part-time project manager is the job for you.

The tasks of a virtual project manager include competitor analysis, keyword research, conducting customer reviews, overseeing product promotion and implementation of project strategies, and communicating with clients. Excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills are a must with this position.

Online job platforms like Upwork have a project manager category that you can browse through to find a job. You can also simply search for virtual project manager positions on job boards like Flex Jobs.

Tech Support Representative

If you like assisting people online, working as a tech support representative is an ideal job for you.

You can work as an admin or tech support rep. Numerous companies providing technical support have tech support representatives who do not work from their offices, but from home.

In most cases, you will have to undergo some training conducted by the company before you can get started. Support is usually provided by phone or email.

Excellent verbal communication skills are ideal for this position since you will be dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis. Support Tech jobs can be found on job sites like Zip Recruiter.

There are various online jobs for college students that can help you earn extra money. Whatever skills you possess, there is a job for you. Whether you are creative and want to work as a type of designer, are tech-savvy, an excellent writer or someone who enjoys helping people, one of these jobs is perfect for your busy college schedule and expensive college life. Let me know if you’ve had any jobs as a college student that you think should be on this list!

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