10 Powerful Inspirational and Positive Self-talk to Start Your Day

powerful inspirational self-talk
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Every day is a blessing. Not all people who sleep at night get to wake up the following morning. It’s the sad reality of life, but sleeping at night does not guarantee that we will wake up the next day. If you are having some tough time in your life, and you feel like giving up, then you must remind yourself that you are lucky because you are alive.

Life could be tough, but that’s the reality. It’s how you deal with life that makes a huge difference.

Whenever you are having a rough time, you should try and use some positive self-talk. There are many benefits of positive self-talk according to healthline.com. Basically, it is a way of talking to yourself, be it silently or aloud. It is more like conditioning yourself that today will be better than yesterday. You might feel like self-talk is not necessary at all, but remember that words can be extremely powerful.

It can significantly affect the way you feel about yourself. It can impact your psychological, mental, physical, and even spiritual aspects of life. It is like an inner voice telling you to go on with life, and that you can do anything for as long as you believe in yourself.

If you want to apply the art of positive self-talk in your life, then you can start with these ten powerful inspirational self-talk.

If you are about to start your day, just say these words to yourself and let them linger in your thoughts the whole day and for the days to come.

You are a wonderful creation of God

If you ever feel like you are alone, and you don’t see your purpose in life, you just have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are a wonderful creation of God.

You are beautiful because you are God’s masterpiece.

The moment you wake up or in times, you feel like you are down and useless, always bear in mind that you are wonderfully made by God.

I believe in myself

For others to have faith in you, you should have faith and confidence in yourself first. There are instances when you feel like you are not worthy of anything. You easily feel disheartened. You feel like you can’t make it, especially if you are going to face a huge obstacle.

Remember that whenever you are in that situation, you have to remind yourself that you are the best. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow.

Saying I believe in myself is like giving yourself a pat on the shoulder.

Do not give up just yet

Had you experienced waking up one day and feel like giving up? Well, you are not the only one. In fact, a lot of people had experienced that too. It is just easy to give up, especially if things don’t work the way they should be. When that time comes, you have to constantly remind yourself to not give up just yet.

There are people out there who would love to see you drop before you reach the finish line.

Do not give them that joy. If you feel like it is going to be a tough day, talk to yourself and remind yourself to not give up just yet. Great things are waiting around the corner.

You are not born a failure

Just because you failed at one thing does not mean you are going to fail on other things to do. Failures are a part of life. Even the most highly intellectual and skillful people fail sometimes. You have to remind yourself every single day that you are not born to fail. If you experienced failure in life, then you should use it as an avenue to grow.

You are lovely, and that you are loved

It is easy to feel ugly and self-pity, especially if you see other people succeed in life and yet here you are not reaching your goals despite your hard work and perseverance.

If ever you feel that way, just remind yourself that you are lovely and that a lot of people love you for who and what you are. Sometimes, all you need is to reassure yourself that you are loved. Ditch that insecurity aside and wake up every single morning being the best version of yourself.

Today is going to be a day better than yesterday

If yesterday was not the way you want it to be, then start your day today with a positive mindset. Practice self-discipline and tell yourself every single day that today is going to be a great day. Always keep in mind that every single day is an opportunity to make things better than yesterday. Do not be afraid to try again.

You are worth it

Remind yourself every single day that you are worth to have every beautiful thing in this world. Every morning upon waking up, you have to silently tell yourself that you are God’s creation and that you are worthy to receive all the graces of God.

Claim it! Believe it!

That positivity will entice great things and will emit positive vibes to others too.

I can do it!

Remind yourself every single day that you can do anything that comes your way.

Nobody will believe that you can do it if you, yourself, don’t believe in your strength.

God created you with talents and characters and if you use them wisely, you can conquer anything that comes your way. Always start your day with I can do it attitude and rest assured that everything will be okay.

God is with me

When you set your mind to the reality that God is with you every day, then you will have the confidence to face every single day. Faith is a mighty sword. Whatever you do, know that God is always with you. You will not be afraid to face any obstacles because you know that God is your back up.

Before leaving the house and go on with your usual daily routine, you need to say aloud that God is with me. There is nothing I shall fear.

Life is beautiful

With so many problems left and right, it is easy to give in to the reality that life is hard and unfair. However, this does not mean that life is not beautiful. Problems, trials, and struggles are part of life and as ironic as it may seem, these hardships make life even more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

Always keep in mind that it is not the start and the destination, it is the journey that makes life worth living.

Before starting your day, say aloud and remind yourself that life is beautiful.

These are just some of the powerful positive self-talk. There is a lot more. You just have to choose which phrase motivates you to strive hard in life. These phrases are not only helpful when starting your day. They are also helpful if you are currently facing trials, going to make a tough decision, or just want to find inspiration in life. Words are powerful and these self-talk phrases can surely turn your day around. Read motivational quotes and practice self-talk and start your day with positivity.

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