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It’s Monday morning, and the thought of heading to the office feels you with dread. But you go anyway. After all, you don’t have anyone to bequeath you with a great fortune. And there are bills to be paid.

Whoever thought adulthood will be this hard?

It doesn’t have to be so, though.

I have curated a list of informative and fun retirement blogs whose primary purpose is to spring you out of the 9 – 5 earlier than you ever thought was possible. According to these resourceful bloggers, you don’t need to be born into wealth to retire young.

The secret to FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is a potent blend of smart savings, frugal living, and wise investments.

Is the idea of living financially independent and free to roam the earth while on an endless vacation appeals to you?

Pay close attention to these 9 retirement blogs.

Steve Adcock created, a fun blog that tells his early retirement story. Steve, who is also an avid photographer (he uses his own pictures for his blog) quit the rat race at the age of 35. While not rich in his own reckoning, he has managed to embrace the frugal lifestyle. And he believes that owning stuff should take second place to happiness.

He is currently traveling the country in an Airstream with his wife while telling their early retirement stories and adventures in his blog.

Steve writes about investing, budgeting, and how to live on your retirement savings while young. He would want everyone to change the mindset that retirement is only for the old. He talks about the challenges and benefits of his new lifestyle, as well as tips on shutting out dissenting voices and staying positive.

That sentiment can be felt in his post, 17 Stupid simple ways to make early retirement easier. A listicle-style article, it serves as an encouragement to newbies or those still contemplating early retirement. It includes motivational stories as well as practical advice.

Today, I live my life at the intersection of humble and confidence through a process of changing my mindset into one where I belong.Steve Adcock of

Financial Samurai by Sam was born in the middle of the financial chaos of 2009. Although he had worked in finance for 10 years and saved and invested, he was also hit. So he created the blog to “help myself and others make sense of chaos.” After a successful career in wall street, Sam retired early still in his 30’s.

The site has seen over 30 million visitors since the financial crisis who stopped by to learn, share and grow.

The blog tackles with conviction, retirement planning, real estate, money philosophy and more to help you achieve financial independence faster. As a veteran, each article is written from the front lines and therefore packs a whole lot of helpful punch.

On one of his most commented on articles – Scraping By On $500,000 A Year: Why It’s So Hard For High-Income Earners To Escape The Rat Race, he ponders the perplexing question of the inability of many high earners to keep some of their earnings. Using a real-life couple as a case study, Sam breaks down their income and expenditure to get at the root of their financial problems.

If you can properly forecast your misery, you will be happier because you’ll do things before such misery comes to change. – Sam of

At 25, Michael co-founded an IT support outfit serving as CFO and then President. Their service company had modest success and expanded nationally. After 10 years, they sold it to a larger IT service company. Michael spent another one and a half years working a corporate job. But he soon realized the 9-5 didn’t appeal much to him. So, in 2013, at the ripe age of 36, he negotiated a “generous severance package” and ventured into early retirement.

Early retirement, he realized, was not a walk in the park. Michael started the blog to “help others to break free from the stress and anxiety of finances.”

From saving tips to advanced financial knowledge to investment advice, he details his financial journey so far and shows others how it can be done. His blog is a treasure trove of resources for those who aspire to FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early.

One of the best early retirement blogs in my opinion.

If you are new to the early retirement movement, his viral blog post – The Ultimate FIRE Guide: Unlocking the Secrets of the Modern Financial Independence, Retire Early Movement is the go-to resource. A veritable early retirement 101, the article introduces the concept in the simplest of ways and shows you how to take the first baby steps.

Financial Independence is the tipping point when your annual passive income exceeds your annual expenses — indefinitely.  – Michael of

Any list of early retirement blogs will scarcely be complete without mention of  The blog has been around since 2011. Mr.Money Mustache is a self-described forty-something family man. He, alongside his wife, worked in the tech industry through the 90s and early 2000s retiring in 2005.

To achieve their early retirement dreams, the couple lived below their means and channeled their savings into Vanguard Index funds and real estate investments. Mr. Money Mustache tells the full story in his words in his early blog and shows you how you can do the same too.

His blog covers all aspects of early retirement from the practical to the philosophical. If you want to learn to save and invest and get motivated while doing so, Mr. Money Mustache got you covered.

Getting Rich: from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post pretty much summarizes the idea of This blog post covers the basics as well as give you a simple yet effective formula for hitting your early retirement goals – “spending much less money than you bring in is the way to get rich. The ONLY way.”

It turns out I didn’t need all that money, because my needs and wants will never be more than I earn from my natural desire to do useful work. –

Jeremy and Winnie retired in 2012 in their 30’s. Now a family of 3, they have been roving the earth while showing you how to do so too with this blog.

Right after paying off his student loan debt, Jeremy decided to be free financially and live an unfettered life. Together with partner Winnie, they learned all they could about early retirement. They made changes in their lifestyle embracing frugality: residing in cheaper accommodation, forsaking owning a car for walking or biking, and preparing their own meals.

They taught themselves how to invest and invested the money saved from their frugality. Now, their investments yield a reasonable income.

On, the couple shares practical tips on investing, money management, credit cards, travel, and frugal living.

On one of their most popular blog posts, How We Saved Multi-Millions, Jeremy gives an inspiring account of how overcoming a challenging childhood spurred them on never to be poor. He talked about how they were able to save, as he put it, ‘like crazy’ for 10 years before achieving their nomadic lifestyle dreams.

Fire early retirement blogs
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Retire By 40 or RB40 is an early retirement blog by Joe Udo, a former Intel employee. Joe got fed up with the rat race and quit in his late 30’s to be a blogger and a stay at home dad. Joe has been blogging since 2010, chronicling his journey even before he retired.

Joe has been able to add to his family’s cash flow with income from his blog and an impressive investment portfolio which includes real estate. Joe blogs about early retirement, financial independence, saving, investing, and passive income.

In Why I Gave Up My Engineering Career, Joe recounts his years as an engineer with Intel. He narrates the challenges and wins of working in a big corporation and the reasons why he quit.

Starting a business takes a lot of time and energy. There is no guarantee that you’ll succeed, but the payoff could be much better than working a side job. – Joe of

Not all the bloggers on our list were retired before they started. Like the husband and wife team who run  Mr. Karsten or “big Ern” and wife have been blogging since 2016, but just recently retired. All in good time; they, from their own admission, have amassed a sizable nest-egg.

Big Ern worked as an asset manager in a large Bank, and so has deep insight into the mechanics of investing. Financial planning is their forte, and the site treats the subject thoroughly in several blog posts.

In a series of FIRE retirement blog posts, they wrote extensively on safe withdrawal rates for early retirees. This is key. Upon retirement, you should carefully monitor depletion and capital preservation. This is to ensure you can live off your investments without having ever to work again.

I can’t remember a single day I woke up and thought “Oh, boy, I wish I could go back to work again today. – Big Ern of – known in the early retirement online community as PoF, is a practicing anesthesiologist, family man, and FIRE blogger. PoF set out with his blog to assist his fellow physicians and their patients.

Physicians are notoriously bad with money despite being one of the highest paid professionals. Unfortunately, most of them are not financially savvy, having focused attention on other areas. PoF bridges that knowledge gap and gives them early retirements options that they had never considered.

Although relatively new to the FIRE blogosphere, he’s become very popular. He’s also very generous and had donated $100k to charity as well as gives away all his online income. A wholly inspirational character.

Should you try to spend less or earn more? Deals with the age-long question of whether to seek financial freedom by maximizing income or saving like crazy. He goes through the comparisons with pros and cons for each.

Jim started to help you “learn how to take control and gain your financial independence.” He started out as an engineer in a tech company and found himself in middle management.  Though not yet retired, he’s well on his way and documents his journey to financial freedom on his blog.

Jim loves his tech job but doesn’t like having to go to work every day. He feels work should be something to be done when one feels like, and not because your survival depends on it.

The paths to financial freedom which has helped him and which he advocates include: saving aggressively, living frugally, and investing in rental properties. Together with his wife, they have hit the $1million net worth mark which continues to grow.

His $1million Net Worth… Now What? blog article celebrates as well as it motivates. There you can see how they made that possible. Sorry, what was your excuse again?

The point is that you can’t change where and when you were born, but you can change your circumstances in life. – Jim of

Tanja is the author of blog. Tonja alongside her husband, always knew that being desk-bound wasn’t the life for them. “We wanted to climb big mountains, see parts of the world most Americans never venture to, and have time for major creative and service ventures.” She blogs. The blog is suffused with this sense of adventure that beckons you to join in.

The couple retired early in 2017 with Tanja 38 years old and Mark 41. They hope to create an online community of early retirement enthusiasts collaborating to save up for retirement, get out of debt or just to try a different lifestyle.

The blog gets into the nitty-gritty of financial planning, investments, and savings while not neglecting the emotions and philosophies involved in the lifestyle.

In The Importance of Pacing Yourself on the Road to Financial Independence, Tonja emphasizes the need to take it nice and slow.

People who retire early are not financially perfect. They’ve just found ways to build on their strengths and deal with their weaknesses. – Tanja of

According to the anonymous authors of, the blog was created to improve lives by improving finances and connecting personal finance bloggers to new readers.

They strongly believe that life is better when you know how to get and manage your money. That people suffer financially because they are broken financially -they lack financial knowledge. This keeps them living from paycheck to paycheck without any hope of getting making progress on their finances.

The blog curates the best articles from other FIRE blogs to help you reach financial independence sooner.

While we agree that not everyone should retire early, we firmly believe that everyone should pursue financial independence. –

The FIRE Movement. What is FIRE Finance and How Does it Work? Is like a crash course for early retirement. The article explains the term and what it stands for. It goes further to talk about the simple calculations at the core of the burning FIRE movement.

Founder, writer, thinker and digital marketing addict. He is passionate about self-development, personal finance, and the stock market. He believes that financial knowledge combined with self-discipline is the key to achieving financial freedom. An avid golfer and a 15 handicapper.

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