Six Easy Ways to Save on Household Expenses

household expenses

Time and tide wait for none! We hear that a lot, but we understand it once we are in our adulthood when we have to earn for ourselves, pay for ourselves and save for ourselves. Life becomes difficult, that’s true but being an adult makes us figure out things as well.

I use to be a reckless spender as a teenager so when I first started earning, I use to be worried a lot knowing my habits, but with time I realize that every next chapter of your life calls out for a different person in you and you have to give yourself that.

When we start earning, we think that we earn to spend so why not do it and live it to the fullest but things do not work out this way at least not for everyone, not for people who want their future to be one of a kind. I am not arguing that those who do not put their future in mind before making their decisions are wrong, of course, they are not, it is just, not everyone can be or live the same way.

For a better and secure tomorrow a little sacrifice today is a must, but that sacrifice does not mean you are going to deprive yourself or people around you unnecessarily. Being financially responsible does not mean to be on either end (spend a lot or no spending at all), being a good finance manager means to live in the balance, to understand your today and make it happening and to make sure in your future you do not have to ask anyone for financial help.

Despite being in the know, I also understand that the balance is not easy to gain. To save is one of the hardest things to do at least for a person like me but with time I have learned to do the hard things in an easy way.

Following are the six ways for you to save on household expenses.

Eating habits

Your eating habits say a lot about your health, physically but it also determines your financial health. People who eat out often or prefer take outs and delivery do not understand that they are setting their health on a bomb that will burst anytime.

Preparing your meal at home not just let you eat healthier food but also allow you to save up! Eating at home save almost 50% of your money directly and indirectly.

We all know eating outside make us weak internally, and a subject to several diseases and being sick takes you to the hospital, and a hospital bill must be enough motivation for anyone who has seen it before to eat at home.

Bad habits

Here bad habits are referred to smoking and drinking. We all are fully aware of the danger these habits brings to us but have you ever accumulated your yearly expense on your such habits? Do it, and you will realize then how much you could have saved by saving yourself with these things.

Gardening is good

Do not you like the lush greenery around you? Imagine you waking up and going outside, in your balcony or somewhere, with a cup of coffee, and it is just after the dawn. Would not you feel relaxed and relived? A day start like this can never go wrong.

But imagine that you need mint at that very moment, and you do not have to go to the store and buy it, you just have to slip in your garden pick up some from the pot and use that ingredient in your meal, how is that feeling? Great, isn’t it?

Gardening is good for your sight, your health and for your pocket. I have been growing few herbs at my house for quite some time now, and the feel of it is incredible, the food tastes delicious, smells delicious and is pocket-friendly.

Renovate more renew less

We often do not repair things while we can and keep saying that we will do it tomorrow until that thing is depreciated completely. Try to update your pieces of equipment more than changing it entirely.

Keep an eye on the things that could depreciate and try to keep it up to date. This habit of yours will keep you active, interactive with your family and you can also try your creative skills.

Pay on time

Some people just do not have time to pay up their bills on time and before they know this becomes their habit. If you are one of such people, then look into the extra money you put in on the after due date fees.

Make on-time payment your priority and use the saved amount on something useful and something that you like, this way you will be motivated. You will be surprised to know that by simply paying your bills on time, you’re saving money on your household expenses unknowingly.

Phone, television, and internet services

Our telephone, television and internet service’s costs are skyrocketing but fortunately, there are more than one option in the market. Try to go for the offers that suit your life more and charges less.

These services are somewhat becoming a necessity, and it is almost impossible for us to ignore this need, but that does not mean that we cannot fulfill this modern need of us wisely. Sometimes we pay for more than we are using, so sit back and think how much need do you have and what plan are you currently using and then only you can decide the right strategy.

This is simple but can save you a bundle on your household expenses. Review your subscriptions and see if you can qualify for a better bundle package that your phone and cable company offers.

Again, I am not asking you to deprive yourself unnecessarily but do not overdo too. If your current plan is fulfilling your needs then great, if it is not enough for you and you need to have a more up to date plan with the higher cost then do it because it may only harm you to use less but if your needs are lesser than you have signed up for then stop. As I have said before, living in the extremes can never be good, so know to live in the balance.

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Sarah Smith has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also an independent and very passionate finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at

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