Senior Living Communities: Advantages and Disadvantages

senior living communities
When it comes to Senior Living Communities I have to make sure that I am only discussing higher end over 55 communities.

By the higher end, I am talking about communities designed currently for baby boomers that have access to golf courses, spas, clubhouses. Constant adult activities such as tennis, swimming, art studios, woodworking shops, gardening, theater, and a whole host of other amenities.

This would also include either on-site or easily accessible medical facilities or close to a medical facility. This would be the type of Senior Living Community that I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

As mentioned above, a well-planned Senior Living Community has a wide venue of facilities to encourage quality of life living. Here are the advantages.

More activities and adventures

They include these wonderful activities and adventures that would make it very difficult to be bored unless you choose to. Of course, these type of facilities is for active adults who wish to take advantage of being in the beginning stages of their twilight years but have plenty of vigor and a zest for life.


Another advantage to Senior Living Communities is their security. Most are known as gated communities with security cameras. With security and plenty of fellow seniors hanging around during the day that an intrusion would be unlikely.

New environment and new friends

The ambiance is one of more quiet relaxation without loud pre-teens and teens in the vicinity. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet other people your own age with similar life’s experience that you can relate to and share stories with.

Housing is purposely designed to accommodate those adults that are less active and need handicap accessibility, but still, wish to participate in life’s energetic moments.

The disadvantages of living in senior communities:


One of the main disadvantages would be the cost. All of this higher quality of life amenities come with a cost. It would be paramount to do a true long-term cost analysis of your resources to make sure you can afford such a community. Being forced to move out would not be a pleasant weekend.

Away from your family and friends

You may already be very content where you are currently living and have been thinking of moving to a Senior Living Community because it is in vogue or your friends have done it.

Moving to a Senior Community may very well mean leaving your adult children and grandchildren to have limited access to you as a grandparent.

If you also have adult children or are caring for grandchildren, then a Senior Living Community will not be available to you and is by default a disadvantage.

Seniors with younger spouses

Another disadvantage is that some seniors have much younger spouses, over 10 years. Moving to a Senior Living Community either may not be allowed due to age restrictions or would place the younger spouse outside of their comfort element. Along with this thought process, what is listed as a similar age-based advantage above may be a disadvantage.

This is because even as a senior limiting your contact with only people of your life’s experience may be detrimental to expanding your mind even further to other cultures and generations.

When it comes to seeking a place to spend your retirement years, the old adage of look before you leap definitely comes into play. It would be prudent to do your research and visit at least 10 different Senior Living Communities in different parts of North America.

As an alternative, one might consider the possibility that international living has with its lower costs and access to many of the amenities discussed above may be a prudent pursuit as well.

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