Traveling Abroad – Why It Should Be Part of Your Lifelong Learning Goals!

traveling abroad

Have you about ever thought of traveling or visiting another country? If so which country and why? Europe or Asia maybe?

It has been stated that North America, specifically the United States of America is the melting pot of the world. Of course, this implies that people of all types of cultures and countries are part of the North American lifestyle, for better or for worse.

This, of course, does not mean that we even come close to understanding the way the rest of the world lives life on a daily basis.

Although more and more Americans are going abroad to travel each year, there is still quite a number of those who are not making foreign travels as part of their plans. Most North Americans have not traveled extensively abroad and most will not.

In fact, I know of a few people who have never been anywhere. They are pretty much confined to their home State. Going to a foreign country or traveling abroad is a big no, no for them. And believe me these people have money but they make all kinds of excuses such as “I don’t speak their language” or “I’m afraid to fly”. Heck, you can even travel to Mexico and Canada by land if you really want to.

This is somewhat of a tragedy. Because the variety of cultures and lifestyles that the rest of the world live in are somewhat sheltered to the rest of those in North America. In a sad sort of way, war has an unintended consequence of teaching North Americans geography. They learn about these places on the news or over the internet.

The way we tend to look at the world is based in a very large part of the experiences that we have up to the current moment in time.

If your understanding of the rest of the world is based on what you learned from the news media and pundits, then you have short changed your mind and life’s journey.

traveling abroad

Why traveling abroad should be a part of your economic and life’s plan.

Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner, and do you like understanding about other cultures and lifestyles? How about investment opportunities? If that describes you, then traveling abroad should be on your high priority list.

I am not suggesting going to the hotspots of the world, but this is a big world. There are so many places to go and see and visit that it will amaze even the experienced traveler. So many things and places to discover.

Traveling within North America is wonderful and useful. This is a great place to live and work and vacation. You will meet many people when you do this. However, what if you could travel to Europe and talk with the German nationals in person about what they understand of the Syrian crisis and do this on one of the River Cruises.

What if you could go to Africa, on a real African Safari and learn about the conditions of the way most Africans in that particular part of the world live? Would this open your eyes to the way you spend your time and money? It might.

How about this? Consider going off the beaten path! See if you can travel even for two weeks to the non-tourist areas. Of course, it would have to have all the safety precautions built into it, but even at the tourist areas, there are ways to meet the locals where they live.Maybe going on a mission trip would be beneficial to you and those you visited.

Traveling abroad can open up one’s understanding to know how and why people do not think always the way North Americans do. It has helped to understand not everyone has a vehicle with the ability to go anywhere they want.

It sometimes has shown a lifestyle that was much slower than North America and in many ways a much faster pace than we live here. In fact, you may like it so much that you may even consider retiring to a foreign soil and spend your retirement years out there.

Traveling abroad will simply open up the eyes of your mind to see that the world is a very big place, filled with wonder, excitement, and people. These will add a dimension to your life that you never dreamed possible. There is so much to explore.

traveling abroad

Do you like to try different cuisines? Have you thought about going to China or Hong Kong and try authentic Chinese food? How about simply learning other cultures?

I remember many years ago after I came back from a trip to the Philippines. A friend asked, “I eat at McDonald’s all the time, is there one out there”?

All of us have financial obligations and traveling abroad is a cost. We get that! However, what if every 5 years you planned one vacation abroad? I mean off of the North American continent.

Air fares are getting cheaper every single day and there’s and hotels if you’re concern about a place to stay. You planned it and saved it in such a way to fully expose yourself to other cultures and people. In 20 years you would have maybe visited four different continents.

Would that change your quality of life to a degree? I really think so. The alternative is to just stay where you live and let the media tell you how the rest of the world lives. What a short change for your life!

Make the decision to travel out of the country. Get out of your comfort zone and stop making those excuses. The world has so much to offer and the experience is second to none.

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