What You Should Do During Retirement Years

retirement years

Many Americans reach that point in their lives that they call retirement. It is that time in their lives that they have worked for their entire life and now they are planning on enjoying what they call retirement years.

However, as this time approaches they actually do not know what they will be doing during retirement.

Mainly because they never took the time to define or design their life, to begin with! The typical approach is to use the herd mentality of trying to accomplish all that they supposedly missed during their working years.

Things like golfing more, play more tennis, travel more, participate more in charitable work, and so forth come to mind. However, things like health, money concerns, and family obligations still come into the equations.

Everyone is different, so maybe we can address this from a broader purpose and help you create your life by design now, whether you are in retirement or looking forward to it.

So for starters, let’s give this some real thought. If you thoroughly enjoy doing something, why would you quit doing it?

Of course, you would not, so why retire?

Because most people spend their one and only life by doing something they dislike for 40 years, so they can retire and do something they like for maybe 20 years?

This does not make good sense but that is where most people are.

Retiring for a lot of people is not an easy decision to make. I can still remember what my 67-year-old still working ex-co-worker told me one day. I asked him when he is going to retire and his response was “What do you want me to do, look at the four corners of my house all day”?

Another typical response is “I can’t afford to retire; I still have bills to pay”.

If you are at a loss as to what to do during your retirement years, then maybe it is because you have never taken the time to actually design your life. You do not understand your life’s purpose or what makes you really happy.

Doing all the things listed above and more are just activities that should occur during a fulfilled life. One should not have to wait until retirement to do them.

So the first thing you should do either in retirement or in preparation for it is to make sure that your mind is free of limitations and bugs that hinder you from living the life of your dreams.

This is creating a frame of mind that will maximize the enjoyment of everything you do by way of activities during retirement.

So how does one do this?

Here are some possibilities to help you through this.

One of the best places to start in our opinion is to subscribe to the works of Andy Shaw in Creating and Using a Bug-Free Mind. Start with Footsteps through your Mind This is a series of lessons that are free. You can and should then take the Discovering Happiness Quiz.

Once you have gone through these you will then be in a great position to decide if you wish to acquire the actual two books called Creating a Bug-Free Mind and Using a Bug-Free Mind.

These books have been the basis for this author to recreate his own life and move toward a life of passion and purpose.

So why would we approach this subject from this viewpoint? Because if you do not actually get your life’s purpose and designing of your life down, it does not matter what you do with your retirement years.

None of the activities such as golf, travel, tennis, more time with the grandkids or charitable work will matter if you as a person are not fulfilled and living life with a purpose.
In reality, once you get your life by design in the right direction, figuring out what to do during retirement will be almost like a no-brainer.
You will live your life every day free of worries, stresses, judgments, and limitations that most people live as being normal. Well, it is not normal and you do not have to wait until the start of your retirement years to figure that out.

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