YouEconomy: The New Economy Way of Taking Control of Your Future


Have you heard of YouEconomy? I was at our local library two weeks ago and was actually looking for a topic to write here on my blog. I came across YouEconomy on a couple of business magazines and decided to take a closer look at what it really is.

A lot of people also call it the gig economy. Here’s what it’s about.

YouEconomy is a new movement that provides people with tools to make money on their own by sharing resources and technology, taking gigs through job sites, establishing freelance businesses and new ways of generating income.

This can help people with particular skills to unlock their potential by providing a variety of services depending on their ability and preference.

Moreover, it is a great opportunity for the ones who don’t have any educational background, working experience and strive to get a full-time job to cover their daily expenses.

With an advent and skyrocketing progress of internet and newly formed companies that provide jobs to a global network of people, the YouEconomy has grown in popularity in the U.S. (around 54 million Americans did some kind of freelance work in 2015).

Below I listed the five main occupations a person can choose from in these huge marketplaces.

  • Independent contractors (36 percent) – Traditional freelancer, such as writers and designers who work on a project-by-project basis.
  • Diversified workers (26 percent) – People who mix work styles, combining both employment and freelance work with new peer-to-peer opportunities such as driving for Lyft.
  • Moonlighters (25 percent) – people with traditional jobs who do freelance work on the side.
  • Temporary workers (9 percent) – People who work for one employer for a particular time horizon.
  • Micro-entrepreneurs (5 percent) – People who operate a business with one to five employees, mainly working on a virtual basis.

So, how to start your career in the YouEconomy? First of all, you have to evaluate your skills, potential, and time to find the right match for you.

Below I described the four most popular ways to provide your services to the global community working on your own.

Selling your time or assets to others

Usually through an existing platform, such as TaskRabbit, Handy and Moonlighting, which provide people with the opportunity to earn money by performing both skilled and unskilled jobs like running errands, completing home repairs or putting together IKEA furniture.

Register as a freelancer

You can register in websites that connect employees with clients in need of that particular skill. Websites such as,, and are good opportunities for programmers, writers, designers and stylists and many other creative types of job seekers.

Selling products online

Using websites such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, which provide both convenience and safety to its clients. Other websites such as iStock, CafePress and Nasty Gal offer marketplace for trading anything ranging from digital photos to vintage clothing.

Direct selling

Also known as network marketing>, might be the gateway to your entrepreneurial journey. You will be provided with a constant access to the marketing, support and technical resources of the company providing the products or services.

You don’t have to possess specific knowledge of the products you promote; however, it is preferable to gain some information on the products in order to be able to market them effectively. Many people use social media as a good way to implement this type of jobs.

The below-mentioned information on several companies offering various types of jobs may help you find a right match for your preferences and skills.

  • Driving Services – Uber, Lyft, Blablacar, Via.
  • Asset Sharing – GetMyBoat, HyreCar, MachineryLink, Swoppler.
  • Short term stays – Airbnb, Couchsurfing.
  • Package Deliveries – PostMates, Omni.
  • Various Items – Moonlighting, Handy, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack.

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