How to Make a Ton of Money: 25+ Easy Ways

Are you looking for ways to boost your income and make quick cash? Who couldn't use an extra buck or two in today's fast-paced world? Whether you're saving up for a dream vacation, need to pay off debt, or want to treat yourself to a new purse, there are plenty of easy ways to make money (no brainpower required).

We've rounded up everything from freelance work to online surveys that can help pad your paycheck. Plus, with many of these gigs, you'll only need Internet access and a can-do attitude. So you can do them from the comfort of your couch.

Short Summary

1. Open a Bank Account

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While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, opening a bank account is a way to make money quickly. Many banks offer sign-up bank account bonuses for new customers – anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the financial institution and its current promotions.

Research banks in your area to find out what checking account bonuses they offer. You might discover there's free money waiting for you.

Some banks also have referral programs: they'll give you cash to get friends or family members to open up new accounts. So not only could you make money right away (and earn interest over time), but you could keep the bucks coming by sharing this opportunity with others!

2. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card that wasn't your thing? Or simply one you know you'll never use? Instead of leaving them to gather dust in your wallet or at the back of a drawer, why not swap them for cash?

A number of online platforms now let you sell unwanted gift cards at a discount price. Sign up, provide details of the gift card(s) you have on offer, and set your price.

Bear in mind these websites do take a small percentage fee from your sale price (so incorporate this when working out how much to sell yours for).

The beauty here is it'sthat quick and easy—all you need is internet access and any spare time. However, always check before selling anything online to ensure that the website is reputable and secure.

3. Pet Sitting

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Make fast money with pet-sitting gigs. When pet owners go out of town, they need someone to watch their dogs and cats. Create a profile on or Mention past pet experience; don't be shy about quoting competitive prices. A weekend of animal care could bring in $50 to $100.

To boost earnings and create a base of regular clients, offer extra services like dog walking or make yourself available for grooming appointments. You'll also want to provide frequent text or email updates to owners. They love that stuff.

If you adore animals, pet sitting is a fun way to combine your love for animals and make pocket money.

4. Complete Online Surveys

Earn cash fast by doing internet surveys. Firms want consumer thoughts and are happy to pay for them. Subscribe at sites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, or Pinecone Research.

Most surveys earn $1 to $5 and take 10-20 minutes to complete. For instance, if you spend an hour daily completing surveys, you could make about $30 a week. You can also try your luck with higher-paying options, such as participating in product tests or joining online focus groups. It can do a lot for your savings account.

5. Sell Old Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Or EBay

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Transform your mess into money by vending unused things on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Just declutter your house and list electronics, furniture, clothes – you name it.

That old smartphone is easily worth $100. Vintage threads? Possibly even more. Detailed descriptions and great photos help attract buyers quickly (check out guides online if needed).

And if you price things competitively, they're likely to sell quicker – meaning you'll get cash in your pocket even sooner.Bonus: it's a way to free up space at home. Alternatively, you can also create your own website.

6. Watch Videos

Make money by watching videos online. Websites such as InboxDollars or Swagbucks pay users to watch advertising clips, trailers, and other promotional stuff.

For example, you could make up to $50 a month by spending just a few hours per week viewing vids. Sign up at one of these sites and then choose which videos you want to watch – you earn points for doing so, which can be converted into cash or vouchers.

If you combine watching videos with something like survey filling or game playing on the same site, you could double your earnings. Simply put, it's possible to rack up points passively while bingeing on Netflix box sets – lovely!

7. Tutor Students Online

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Make money fast with tutoring gigs online. Use your know-how to rake in the dough by teaching kids over the internet. Websites like Tutor. com, Chegg and Wyzant let you connect with students who need help in subjects such as math, science or languages.

For example, if algebra comes easily to you, you could earn between $20 and $50 an hour tutoring high schoolers in it. Create a profile explaining when you're available and what topics you excel in.

Offering flexible scheduling options plus personalized sessions might boost both your earnings and client list. Not only can online tutoring be a profitable side hustle, but it could also feel good because you're helping students achieve successat school.

8. Start a Blog Or YouTube Channel

Monetize your hobbies by starting a blog or YouTube channel. Choose an interest – such as travel, technology, or cooking – then go for it.

For instance, a blog about tech gadgets could make up to $100 each time someone buys one through a link from the site. On YouTube, there's the chance to earn ad revenue, pay for appearances, and sell merchandise.

It might take a while to build up followers and views, but stick with it, and soon, you could be making some good money from something you love! Just make sure what you produce is good quality and interesting. There's lots of competition among budding vloggers out there.

9. Participate in Focus Groups Or Research Studies

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Consider signing up for research studies or focus groups. Many companies and universities will pay you to share your opinions or experiences.

You can find these opportunities through platforms like Respondent or User Interviews, as well as local research institutions. For example, one two-hour focus group could net you anywhere from $50 to $150!

Medical studies may pay even more. In these relaxed settings, researchers want to know what you think - and they're willing to fork over the cash for it. Plus, you might influence the next big thing in tech or another industry.

It's a straightforward way to make extra money while contributing to valuable research and development. You can get paid cash directly to your PayPal account.

10. Deliver Food

Make more money in a short period by becoming a food delivery driver for Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, or similar services. With flexible hours and the option to work close to home, it's no wonder many people are signing up.

For example, you could make between $15 and $25 per hour (tips included) if you concentrate your efforts during busy times such as lunch and dinner. Whether you're on a bicycle, scooter, or in a car, the quicker you can deliver meals, the more orders you'll be able to complete – meaning more significant earnings.

11. Get Paid for Testing Apps And Games

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Transform your passion for technology into fast cash through app and game testing. Prior to launching their products, businesses require input on usability and performance. Sign up on UserTesting, BetaTesting or PlaytestCloud type sites.

You could earn between $10 and $60 per hour testing out new games or features on apps – follow test scenarios, flag any bugs you encounter, and talk about your experience as a user.

It's a fun way to make money if you love tech stuff anyway. Plus, you might get access to some cool apps or games before the general public does!

12. Use Cashback Apps

Make the most of your money by using cashback apps – download ones like Rakuten, Ibotta, or Honey onto your smartphone. These programs give you money back when you shop online or in-store through them.

If you buy something that costs $100 and get 5% back, you'll earn $5. You can connect your accounts quickly, and there may be opportunities to earn sign-up bonuses or referral credits, too.

Think of it as getting paid for something you'd do anyway. Over time, those amounts add up nicely – meaning extra dollars in your pocket!

13. Rent Out Your Car Parking Space

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Rent out your empty parking spot to earn quick cash. List your space on websites like JustPark or SpotHero if you live in a sought-after area, such as near an event venue or in the city center.

Renting out your spot for $10 a day could net you $300 per month without lifting a finger! Make sure your ad emphasizes important perks like being close to popular destinations or having security facilities – and voila.

This easy way has the potential not only to supplement significantly more earnings but also help provide a much-desired commodity (convenient parking) to its consumers.

14. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Many companies and entrepreneurs require help with tasks such as email correspondence, scheduling, and social media management – which you can do remotely. Register on websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, or Belay.

For example, freelancers doing this type of part-time administrative work can earn between $15 and $30 per hour; how much you make depends on your skill level and how quickly you work. Advertising specialties such as graphic design or bookkeeping, along with general skills, may also give you more earning power.

One major perk of the job: VAs typically set their own hours so long as projects get done on time, making it ideal for those needing flexible income that can be earned outside typical business hours.

15. Carvertise

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Make money quickly by transforming your car into a mobile billboard with Carvertise. The service pays you for having adverts placed on your vehicle – drive as usual and earn between $100 and $500 per month.

Register your interest. If your driving routine fits with an advertiser's need, Carvertise will cover the cost of wrapping your car. There is no inconvenience to you at all.

It's a great way to top up your earnings while going about daily tasks, such as commuting or popping into the shops. If you're someone who covers lots of miles and wants to make use of that time on the road without doing anything different, Carvertise could be ideal for you!

16. Affiliate Marketing

Make cash fast with affiliate marketing – promote products and pocket the commission. Register with schemes such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, or ClickBank and place affiliate links in posts on your blog, tweets, Facebook posts, or videos you upload to YouTube.

For example, pen a review about a new gadget you're really excited about. If anyone buys it via your link, you earn money. Pick subjects that fascinate you when writing for your website so that you engage like-minded people. This makes them more likely to click adverts.

By intelligently pushing promotions and writing meaningful content at the same time, some bloggers and YouTubers can earn instant (well-earned) rewards for dinner! Generating passive income has always been challenging.

17. Babysitting

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If you love children and want to make money quickly, babysitting is a great option. You can offer your services to people in your neighborhood or circle of friends or use websites like or Sittercity. On weekends, for example, some families will pay $15-20 per hour.

The more experience and qualifications you have – such as first aid training or CPR certification – the better chance you have of landing gigs over others. To stand out from the competition, come up with fun activities (that are also safe!) to do with the kids while their parents are out.

Babysitting can be done on your own time, and it's possible to pull in serious cash if you're available on evenings/nights or weekends.

18. Sell Your Photography

Transform your love for photography into a money-making machine by selling snaps on the internet. Websites such asShutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Etsy let you upload photos so people can buy them – perfect if you're happy snapping anyway!

For example, you might get $1 to $10 for one beautiful landscape photo. Think about what's popular (like holidays or activities) when choosing themes for pictures. Don't forget to tell everyone on social media, too.

Selling photographs is a brilliant way to make passive income. Once you've uploaded an image, it can keep earning cash for you without any extra work. Plus, it feels perfect to know other people are enjoying your art.

19. Make Money Walking

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You can make more money just by walking. Several apps—such as Sweatcoin, Rover, and Gigwalk—will pay you to walk or perform tasks while you walk.

For example, Rover pays dog walkers $15 to $25 an hour. Gigwalk gives you small jobs close by, such as verifying information about a business—something you could easily do on foot.

Sweatcoin turns your steps into its own digital currency, which can be traded for rewards like classes, gift cards, and even iPhones. It's an effortless way to monetize exercise.

The appeal of making money while walking dogs or exploring your city is obvious. However, pay attention to the pure profit potential of turning steps into hard currency.

20. Pick Up Freelance Work Online

Make use of online freelancing to take advantage of the gig economy. Websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork link you with people who need all sorts of things done for them. You can offer everything from programming and graphic design to marketing and writing.

Freelance writers can make anywhere from $50 to $100 for an article. Set up a profile detailing what you're good at and providing examples of previous work.

You can then apply for jobs that suit your skills and time frame, ones where you'll be able to offer a fast turnaround. The beauty of freelancing is that it can be done from anywhere – meaning you can call the shots on how much or how little work you take on by setting your own price.

21. Find Property for Investors

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Earn money quickly by finding properties for real estate investors. Find properties that are undervalued or not listed on the market and connect investors with potential opportunities. You can use apps like DealMachine or join real estate investment clubs to get started.

If you come across a superb property and it sells because of your tip-off, you could receive a finder's fee of anywhere between $500 and $2,000. When pitching to investors, highlight your knowledge of the local market along with your bargaining skills.

This extra job suits people who can identify excellent property deals when they see them and know plenty of possible buyers.

22. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Make money from your crafts by selling them on Etsy. The online marketplace lets you reach customers worldwide – whether you're into custom art, home decor, or jewelry making.

For instance, if there's demand for your handmade earrings at $25 a pair and you can keep up, why not sell lots? Open a shop for free, take photos of your items with plenty of light and sharpness, and write clear descriptions and pricing information – including any options there might be.

Use the site's seller tools to help more people see what you've made. Selling on Etsy means turning your leisure activity into more than just a hobby. It provides income, flexibility, and the chance to show off for pay!

23. Sell Course Notes

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If you have comprehensive notes from your classes, you can sell them to fellow students and make money. Websites like Stuvia, Nexus Notes, and Course Hero allow you to upload your notes or study guides for sale.

Well-written notes for a popular course could go for $10 to $50 per set. Concentrate on subjects in high demand by students and make sure your notes are clear as well.

Promote the sale of your notes among classmates, too. Don't just rely on the websites – post on student forums as well. It's a great way to monetize all that hard work at school, assisting others while also helping yourself financially.

24. Mystery Shopping

You can make shopping more profitable by becoming a mystery shopper. Market Force and BestMark are among the firms that will pay to assess customer service at shops and eateries.

You might make $10 to $50 to complete one assignment, plus be reimbursed for what you buy. Staff rapport, how products look, and store tidiness could all be part of your brief: afterward, submit a report to get paid.

In addition to being able to fit around classes or other jobs, mystery shopping can be fun: Who doesn't like getting paid to go out for dinner? Mystery shopping is undercover work that helps improve how places serve everyone.

25. Have a Garage Or Yard Sale

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If you want to declutter your home and earn some cash quickly, why not have a yard sale? Collect things you no longer use, such as electronics, clothes, and homewares, then set up shop outside your place.

Selling old sofas, toys, and kitchen gadgets over the weekend could net you anywhere from $200 to $500 or more.

Advertise on social media and with signs around your neighborhood for maximum exposure. The more people who show up, the more you'll sell.

Don't be afraid to bargain down if someone wants to haggle. It's better than having to pack everything back inside at the end of the day.


Making money fast has never been simpler with the rise of flexible, creative gigs. If you're looking for new opportunities, maybe give affiliate marketing – where firms pay people to sell their stuff – or get paid to be a mystery shopper a go. There are plenty of websites with information.

But these ideas aren't just good for topping up income at short notice. Lots of them are also fun. So why not choose something that plays to your strengths?

And don't forget to think big! Converting spare time into extra cash could be the beginning of an exciting journey towards financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Extra Money Fast?

Consider short-term jobs such as looking after people's pets, doing freelance work, or selling second-hand things on the internet for flexible payments at speed.

How Can I Make $100 Daily?

Take on multiple roles such as food delivery, tutoring online, or working as a freelancer so that you hit your daily goal – every day.

Is It Possible to Earn Fast Money Online?

Doing online surveys, testing apps, and offering freelance services are all ways for you to make money quickly without moving out of your armchair.

How Make Fast Money Without Leaving Home?

Yes! If you fancy sitting at home while you work, opportunities include selling stuff on Etsy (homemade jewelry, clothes), affiliate marketing (getting a cut of what you sell for other people), crafting things, then selling them on eBay, and answering online product surveys.